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Mostly acquired through winning on the arcade machines, toys provide fun and confusion for those nearby.

Capgun.pngCap Gun

A realistic looking revolver, which you can shoot at someone to make a genuine gun sound, but not much else! Has a limited number of caps, so don't waste them annoying assistants, shoot them at important people!

Electronic Blink Toy Game

Looks just like a beacon. Is about as useful to you as a beacon without access to the teleporter room.

Foamcrossbow.pngFoam Dart Crossbow

A fun toy crossbow that shoots harmless form darts. Comes loaded with five foam darts, which can be picked back up and reloaded after shooting them!

Red Space Suit Replica

The perfect suit to make you look just a little bit evil! Unfortunately, there is no helmet, and it doesn't work in space.

Toy Mechs.gif Toy Mechs

A smaller version of some of the most famous mechs, and some which are never seen! Clicking on them while you've got them in your selected hand will let you play with them, which creates a stompy walk-sound that is heard by anyone near you. There are a total of 11 toy mechs, try and collect them all!

Water Flower

A perfectly innocuous flower, with the added ability to spray water in the face of the Captain! (And also anyone else.)

Bosunwhistle.png Bosun Whistle

A toy replica of the whistle used by Admiral Krush Bosun. Sell it to the pompous Captain for his life saving's, or go around pretending you're the Captain!

Plushie.gif Action figures

Varying from crewmembers to fantasy; a wide array of action figures can be won from arcade machines. Now let's hope they're also voodoo dolls.

Toyplushie.gif Plushies

Take out the stress from working on the NSS Exodus by squeezing the hell out of these little things.