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The Eclipse Station staff team is here to make sure that the server runs smoothly and with minimal fuss from everyone involved. There are multiple different kinds of staff-members, and each one has an important role much like the players have roles in the game.

If you are interested in becoming a staff-member, you may use the application form, which will be provided here if and when we are hiring more staff.

The Host

The Host's responsibilities include keeping the server running, making sure that lunatics and incompetents don't end up in the staff team, and that our community is represented accurately to other communities. The Host is not the Headmin, but are known to fill in for one if it becomes absolutely necessary, should one be absent. You should not contact the Host about something server-related unless it is absolutely necessary and you have tried (and failed) to contact the admin team.

The original host was Chatter, who made the server to begin with. He is no longer a part of staff, and should not be consulted like staff.


Ckey: DrExample
Discord: Little Lost Nestor#0358
Rank: Host, Head Developer
Quote: “Furries? On my server?”
Threat Level: Keter

Nestor is our unpredictable benevolent host. He is the second host, succeeding the original host, Chatter.

Head Admin

The "Headmin" is the Head Administrator, someone placed directly in charge of the Game Admins and Event Masters. The Headmin is equal peers with the Head Developer, and is directly underneath the Host in terms of influence and importance. On the rare occasion where a Headmin steps in to say something, it is typically final unless the Host exercises his authority to override it. There may not be more than one Headmin at any given time, no matter how many players there are.

Nestor is currently the "acting" Headmin.

Head Developer

The Head Developer is directly in charge of how the flow of the game's development goes. Decisions such as game balance, map changes, overhauls, coding, spriting, and the long-term direction of the server's game design are the Head Developer's responsibility. The Head Developer is directly in charge of Developers and Maintainers, which both handle most of the actual development itself. The Head Developer is on par with the Headmin, and is directly underneath the Host in power.

Nestor is currently the "acting" Head Developer.

Game Admins

Game Admins are the main administrators of the server, deciding the rules and enforcing them at the highest level. You should ordinarily not immediately go to a Game Admin unless you are ahelping to begin with and they decide to respond, otherwise, consult someone from Public Relations. When a Game Admin says something, it is final unless overridden by the Headmin or in some cases the Host. That is, unless it is out of the GA's realm of responsibility (for example, Game Admins don't really have a say in how development goes.)


Ckey: Solazius
Discord: ᴮˡᵉᵇ#6389
Rank: Game Admin
Quote: "BEES?!!?!"
Threat Level: High


Ckey: Leon962
Discord: Leon962#1625
Rank: Game Admin
Quote: "On the hunt for CBT, huh?"
Threat Level: Very Low

Event Masters

Event Masters are naturally in charge of running events for the players. Event-running involves a heavy amount of planning, understanding what is fun for players, and keeping everyone as included as they need to be or as excluded as they want to be. Event Runners are not Game Admins, and do not have nearly as much authority. They are usually to blame thank for any event you just had the misfortune pleasure of experiencing. If you have a complaint about how an event was run, you will want to forward your complaint to Public Relations.

Crying Wolf

Ckey: SilencedMP5A5
Discord: Crying Wolf#1945
Rank: Event Master
Quote: "brb gonna go stick my face in a radiator fan"
Threat Level: High

Trial Staff

Trial Staff are not staff, but are in a trial position to see if they will become staff. They are working to either become Game Admins, or to instead become Event Masters. Their powers are more limited than an admin, but they are still able to assist with many tasks. You should generally treat a Trial Admin like they're a trusted member of staff, while still being attentive to their behavior and performance as staff. If you find that a Trial Admin is exhibiting problematic behavior, please forward any concerning observations to Public Relations, or potentially a Game Admin if urgent with no PR around.


Ckey: SvartaSvansen
Discord: SvartaSvansen#5544
Rank: Trial Event Master
Quote: "Hey, not being annoying with a mop is a very valuable skillset."
Threat Level: Medium


Ckey: Sir Siggles
Discord: SirSiggles#2616
Rank: Trial Event Master, Wiki Maintainer
Quote: "Awoo"
Threat Level: Nil


Moderators are tasked with keeping a close eye on both players and their other staff. A moderator has the responsibility of making certain nobody is breaking the rules, and to merely report it to the proper authority otherwise. Moderators have the least authority of any staff-member, but should still be respected.


Discord: comrade pixel#6969
Rank: Moderator
Quote: "The russians thought of everything, I swear."
Threat Level: Low

Wiki Maintainers

The unsung heroes of the server. Probably. The wiki maintainers write the wiki and make sure that the information provided on it is accurate, easily accessible, and organized logically-- in that order. This article was typed by a wiki maintainer! Say hello!


Ckey: rsmr
Discord: Saffron#5703
Rank: Wiki Maintainer, Mapper
Quote: "What do you mean I can't pick my own quote?"
Threat Level: Low


Ckey: Sir Siggles
Discord: SirSiggles#2616
Rank: Wiki Maintainer, Trial Event Master
Quote: "Awoo"
Threat Level: Nil

Reporting Staff

If you ever feel that the way a member of staff is treating you is truly unfair and unbecoming of their position, the person to report these things to is the host, Nestor.

Ckey: DrExample
Discord: Little Lost Nestor#0358