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Admins apply these rules at their own discretion, and they may ignore the enforcement of specific rules if it is considered necessary.

Discord Rules

These rules apply in Discord, OOC channels, repositories and all sites under our control. IC relations are not governed by these rules, but there is one caveat. Blocking on community platforms can be carried over to the game, and vice versa.

Rules Icon Asshole.png
0) Do not be a dick.

This is a game, and we all came here to enjoy it. Prolonged conflict and toxic behavior are not permitted. Try to be adequate or at least seem so.

Rules Icon Talk.png
1) Keep the channel discussions relevant to the channel's corresponding purpose.

Talking about what you had for lunch should be in #lobby or #kitten-update-channel, not #development-discussion or #staff-contact. No porn outside of #nsfw-general and contain shenanigans to #shitposting. If you are unsure, read the channel's description. Keep all conversations in SFW channels SFW. A few raunchy jokes is okay, but that's it.

Rules Icon Talk.png
2) Do not overly complain about other players or other servers.

If another player is bothering you, talk to them or the staff about it. We're not here to cause misunderstandings with other servers.

Rules Icon Content.png
3) Do not discuss politics here

We’re here to have fun, not cause worldview conflicts and holy wars. There’s as many opinions as there are people, and oh boy, people love to protect them. Sometimes even too much.

Rules Icon ICinOOC.png
4)No OOC in IC/No IC in OOC

Do not discuss events of the current round in any channel. No exceptions. If you need help or have a question - Ahelp it. Ahelps are relayed to staff discord channel and we will see them, even if no staff members are currently present in-game.

Server Rules

These rules apply only in the game itself and are enforced by the administration of the game server.

Rules Icon Asshole.png
0. Do Not Be a Dick.

Cannot be stated enough.

  • 0.1) Do not use slurs both IC, and OOC.
  • 0.2) Do not get heated or be constantly negative in OOC or deadchat with others or about situations.
  • 0.3) Do not get argumentative with server staff. Make a complaint on the forum or don't talk about it in an inappropriate place, such as deadchat, OOC, discord channels, etc.
  • 0.4) Do not spam OOC.
  • 0.5) Do not advertise or slander other servers.
  • 0.6) Do not share conversations or player information from this server externally without permission. This includes OOC, Ahelps, and any other communication. What happens on the server is to remain on the server, our discord, or our forums for the protection of everyone's privacy.
  • 0.7) Any violation of the Discord TOS will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to; illegal or fraudulent conduct, violation of copyright, password phishing, libel/defamation, and promoting illegal activities.
  • 0.8) Do not discuss politics here. We’re here to have fun, not cause worldview conflicts and holy wars. There’s as many opinions as there are people, and oh boy, people love to protect them. Sometimes even too much. Definitely can not be said enough.
Rules Icon Immersion.png
1) Eclipse is a Heavy Roleplay Server.

You are expected to hold yourself to certain standards here when it comes to character creation and your interactions on server. For guidance, see: Character Guidelines.

  • 1.1) You are expected to RP first and foremost, and to uphold the suspension of disbelief and play a character that could believably be found in a semi-realistic science fiction setting. Furry characters and odd aliens are allowed, as are humans.
  • 1.2) Name your character appropriate for an HRP server. Reference names are allowed, if you're clever enough about it. If we can readily discover your reference, it wasn't clever enough and you will be forced to change it. This is not an excuse for Low RP.
  • 1.3) Do not break immersion for other players.
  • 1.4) You are encouraged to build cross round relationships with other characters, you are allowed to remember each other between rounds.
    • 1.4.1) Player deaths can be treated as very serious injuries in the next round. Things only become de-canonized when ALL parties agree.
    • 1.4.2) Do not OOCly meta-grudge other players, and do not escalate to lethal as a result of events from past rounds; it must have grounding in IC reasoning from the current round.
Rules Icon Hammer.png
2) Abusing In-Game Mechanics.

The use of exploits, bugs, or quirks of the mechanics of SS13 to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

  • 2.1) Do not IC in OOC, do not OOC in IC.
  • 2.2) Do not make use of exploits. If you find an exploit, report it immediately.
  • 2.3) Do not interfere with SSD or AFK (Sudden Sleep Disorder or Away From Keyboard) players in any way unless you are an antagonist with an objective. You may move them inside the closest shelter to get them out of danger, otherwise ignore them. Do not pull hostile mobs to SSD's intentionally, and do not move them out of shelter once they are safe. You may put SSD’s into a bed.
  • 2.4) Do not use your knowledge of game mechanics to intentionally ruin the enjoyment of other players indirectly.
  • 2.5) Do not ghost, log out or suicide to avoid roleplay after being captured by an antagonist or by Aegis, being captured is a risk you take when playing on server, and you must be prepared to deal with it. If you do not wish to engage in roleplay with those that have captured you, you may make a request in LOOC to be executed instead.
  • 2.6) Do not respawn as the same character once your character has been killed, do not respawn as any relation or friend of your dead character as an excuse to continue escalation once your character has been killed.
  • 2.7) Actions that would leave a player with no way to be revived are prohibited unless you are a traitor whose objectives demand it.
Rules Icon murder.png
3) Escalation Guidelines.

Guidelines to follow when it's time to fight.

  • 3.0) These escalation guidelines are here to ensure that our server can maintain the highest standard of roleplay. While they may not be appropriate to every situation or engagement, you should try to follow them where possible. Talking out encounters is always going to be more interesting than shooting them out, and gives other players a chance to get involved and take their own sides. This is doubly true for Aegis Security players.
  • 3.1) Escalation of violence is recommended in all situations, regardless of faction. You are here to roleplay, not click each other horizontal. Murder should always be your last resort, not your immediate answer to any threat. In short, do not valid hunt and do not gank people.
  • 3.2)Escalation isn't something that can be easily drawn down to a formula, however this guideline is here to help you best judge a situation.
    • 3.2.1) MOTIVE: Your character must have a robust, and well thought out motive to begin an engagement. If your character suffers any hostile action at the hands of another, this is considered adequate and immediate motive.
    • 3.2.2) ENGAGEMENT: Before initiating combat it is preferred that there be a scene with interaction between those involved. You may be aggressive to start off, but you may not put your target on a finite timer. Do not shoot a player for not complying immediately. You must attempt to do a /say with intention or a robust emote that illustrates that you are moving from RP to mechanics. Drawing and firing wordlessly is generally considered poor escalation and low RP.
    • 3.2.3) NEGOTIATION: Both parties may make an attempt to get what they want through use of words, coercion, intimidation, blackmail and barter. At times this will be impossible, as one party demands a price too great. However, this stage may be used as a free space to attempt to de-escalate.
    • 3.2.4) FORCE: Choose your force appropriately. There is no need to outright kill a man for passively resisting, nor is there a need to leave someone alive who has proven that they are willing to use lethal force upon you or your allies. Do not escalate to lethal intent for a low RP reason.
  • 3.3) Note that if you have issued a halt order, and your target does not comply you may give chase and attempt to capture them by any means. If your target does not comply, and immediately begins assaulting you, you may kill them if reasonable.
    • 3.3.1) If you choose to run during an interaction with a hostile force at any point, you have accepted that they have escalated upon you. They may take action against you to take you down if they so choose.
  • 3.4) Escalation is maintained between encounters. However, you should make it clear that you are re-engaging. You should not break away from an engagement, and re-engage wordlessly several minutes later to gain an advantage.
Rules Icon NAP.png
4) Confinement and Capturing.

You've taken your hostage, you caught the bad guy, now what?

  • 4.1) If you have captured someone, you are expected to roleplay with them or get them to an area where they can be processed accordingly (for example, the Aegis Brig, the Merc ship, etc).
    • 4.1.1) You may not leave someone confined to an area alone for an extended period of time. If you intend to force them to perform a boring, repetitive task, you must ensure that there is someone present with them to roleplay with. Failure to comply with this standard is against the spirit of the server. An exemption can be made if the party OOCly approves of being left alone or to complete repetitive tasks, if you do not gain their consent - consider letting them go or finding a more appropriate end to their story.
    • 4.1.2) If Aegis deems it necessary to permanently brig a player, permission must by obtained by an administrator to enact the sentence. If permission is not granted, execution is the alternative. A player can request in LOOC to be executed rather than be permanently brigged. Based on the administrator's judgement, a player that is permabrigged or executed can be knocked down a rank in their department, or booted from that department entirely. (A player can also choose to do this to themselves!)
    • 4.1.3) It is expected that the detainee must not break in-character immersion by engaging in bad sportsmanship or low-roleplay misbehavior. If you make it clear you have no intention to roleplay out the encounter you open yourself up to field execution depending on severity.
Rules Icon Drama Hungry Idiot.png
5) Antagonistic Characters.

For when it is time to be a Ne'er-Do-Well.

  • 5.1) Antagonists should take the time to read over the Escalation Guidelines again. Player antagonists are held to the higher roleplay standards than other crew, as they are often serve as the driving force of that rounds story. The point of being an antagonist isn't necessarily to win; its to make the round more interesting for everyone involved. Make a murder mystery for security, cause random issues for Engineering, hold the ship's research data at ransom to pay for your drain economy objective. Use your imagination, and have fun.
  • 5.2) If you are made into an antagonist during the round, suicide to escape roleplay is not permitted. Man Up, And Deal With It. Move On. If you absolutely cannot handle it, this probably isn't the right server for you.
Rules Icon Talk.png
6) Communication.

Roleplaying is, after all, an exercise in the fine art of communication.

  • 6.1) While this is an English speaking server, you are allowed to speak other languages in character.
  • 6.2) If you are unable to communicate in English OOCly, you will be disinvited from the server.
  • 6.3) If your English is not up to a basic standard, you may be ID checked on the spot.
  • 6.4) You are required to make yourself understood through robust emotes during escalation when playing a non-English speaker.
Rules Icon Observe.png
7) Miscellaneous.

Everything that doesn't quite fit in or need its own section.

  • 7.1) You are encouraged to Ahelp with any questions, concerns, requests, or problems.
  • 7.2) If an admin redirects you to the discord, or marks your ticket as rejected, or an IC issue, do not get belligerent. There is always a good reason.
  • 7.3) Do not spam adminhelp, tickets are dealt with depending on how dire the situation, and then in order. If you suspect that administration is AFK, you may ping staff on the discord.
  • 7.4) Most reasonable requests are accepted, if your request is rejected then it has been deemed unreasonable.
  • 7.5) Do not use adminhelp as a way to have a conversation with the server administration.
  • 7.6) 'supercalifragilisticexpialidociousest'. You know what this is for, don't include the apostrophes.
  • 7.7) Please be direct in your Ahelp, and ask a question pertaining to your problem other than "I need help" or "Is there anyone online?" Let us know specifically what happened and who is involved in the initial Ahelp.
Rules Icon Ok.png
8) Consent.

No means no. If you're unsure about it, watch this.

  • 8.1) While this server does host NSFW content, players are encouraged to ask others to opt in to scenes that might make others uncomfortable. Do not engage in a non-consensual scene without express OOC permission from the other party, either from OOC notes in their flavortext or by asking in LOOC.
  • 8.2) At any time, you may choose to opt out of a scene that contains sexual or sensitive content. If a player requests to break off from a scene, do so IMMEDIATELY. Failure to comply will not be tolerated.
Rules Icon ERP.png
9) 18+ Content.

How to avoid Horny Jail.

  • 9.0) Coming onto station expressly to disappear into a private room in maintenance to ERP is not going to be tolerated. If that's your intention, take it to Discord PMs.
  • 9.1) Knowingly interrupting an ERP scene without valid IC reasoning is unacceptable. "ERP is cringe" or "this kink is gross" are not valid IC reasonings. Any interruptions to roleplay must be roleplayed in kind and have a firm in-character grounding. You may LOOC your partner to pause your scene and if time allows for it, go back to it. Remember, you can always follow up with a partner after the round via other means! Invalid reasons for interruptions may be met with a scolding, warnings and temporary bans.
    • 9.1.1) Valid IC reasoning includes but is not limited to persons participating in the scene committing dereliction of duty, or having previously been involved in escalation, the ship is on red or blue alert, or a traitor has an objective that needs to be fulfilled by interrupting that scene.
    • 9.1.2) If you are a Head of Staff, it is doubly required that you perform your job first, ERP later. Your responsibilities on station are great, but your paycheck and insurance more than makes up for a diminished sex life. You should be aware that you may be forced to drop a scene to deal with ship crises at any moment, and that failure to do so may end with a temporary job ban.
  • 9.2) There are certain locations on the ship that you can go to ERP with relatively little disturbance. The Bar Private Room, head of staff bedrooms and private dorm rooms are places that are considered protected if none of the criteria of 9.1 are met.
  • 9.3) Kinkshaming. As with any game or forum with adult content present players are eventually going to find material that they find personally distasteful. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner and not target others for the kinks they enjoy. Should one be found harassing another player over their preference in kinks punishments will be handed down.
    • 9.3.1) That said, any content expressly forbidden by the Discord terms of service should be brought to the immediate attention of the admin staff. Anyone attempting to hide or cover this content will be considered guilty by association.
  • 9.4) The usage of the subtle verb is required for all scenes of sexually explicit content.
Rules Icon Structure.png
10) Good Faith.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one's looking.

  • 10.1) Players are expected to act in good faith, and to play by the meaning of the rules, not the direct wording. Trying to rules lawyer to manipulate the rules to your advantage will not help you.
  • 10.2) Do not lie about actions that happened IC to cause OOC punishments, or vice versa.
  • 10.3) Do not give someone a reason to attack you ICly then complain OOCly (Either in Ahelps or in OOC/LOOC) when they take you up on the reason you gave them
  • 10.4) Do not falsely accuse characters of engaging in non-consensual sexual acts unless that player gives OOC consent. This does not apply to anything non-sexual.
Rules Icon Jobs.png
11) Powergaming.

Related to both Rule 1 and 2, make your character and play believably.

  • 11.1) Do not powergame.
  • 11.2) No Mary Sues. Your character does not know how to do everything. For example, it is very unlikely that an Aegis Operative would know how to do surgery. Your character should have strengths and weaknesses, and just because you as a player know how to do something does not mean your character does. (see also: character guidelines)
  • 11.3) Do not use game mechanics in a way that is grossly counter to what is realistically possible in the real-world. For example, you should not use an organ from a five-day-old corpse to replace one in a living person.
  • 11.4) Do not hoard weapons. Take what you need, and leave the rest for other people. Selling them is one thing, but locking them in a closet and not using them is another.

New Player Application Form

Rules Icon Advice.png
New Player Application Form

If your Byond account is less than 6 months old. You will be asked to fill out this form and PM it to an administrator on Discord. This is not a player wall, It's our way to make sure all players know what RP is and would enjoy the experience we offer. Usually everyone gets accepted.

  • Your CKey:
  • Your age:
  • Your experience with SS13:
  • Your experience with RP in general:

Administration Guidelines

These can serve as the basis for complaints, or for internal proceedings.

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