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The Presidency, despite the name is less of a Head of State like in most of the world and more manager of the greatest colony area, and as such. While they have a large amount of freedom, especially towards Taxes and Laws, they still answer to NanoTrasen and it's board of directors as the colony and city are property of NanoTrasen. Presidents are elected each month, and serve a more or less three week term. Starting on the 29th, and ending on the 29th of the next month.


You can apply to run for President at a cost of 3500 credits anytime between the 11th and 17th of each month, with voting starting on the 20th (?) and ending on the 29th

The requirements to run for President are: Being of sound mind and body. No criminal convictions, being at least 18 years of age and can't be associated with any illegal groups. Candidates can of course try and hide this and still run.

Powers and Impeachment

You don't have unlimited powers as President, as said before. You in the end still answer to NanoTrasen and the people who can vote to have you removed if at least thirty people agree to do so, in which case you'll be removed from office and your Vice President will take over.

-Where Your Powers Begin

This is a list of mechanical powers the president possesses, anything outside of this is left to roleplay - ask an admin if you want to do anything very outlandish. As a president you may request more mechanical powers (ideally ones for the Presidential Portal so other Presidents can have them too) but you are not guaranteed to have or get them, and they are at the admin's discretion.

   Add or remove (non-fundamental) laws in the colony.
   Modify fine and jail time amounts for non-capital laws.
   Modify income tax by economic class on the colony.
   Modify product tax (IE: Sales tax, alcohol tax, weapon tax).
   Make certain items contraband or remove contraband status.
   Hire or let go of ministers in cabinet.
   Change the (public sector) job wages of the colony.
   Can enact a minimum wage.
   Make colony wide announcements.
   Change the voting/drinking/smoking/gambling ages or legal statuses of certain individuals.
   Change the minimum character age of (some) jobs.
   Change the legal rights of synths.
   Change the AI default law set. (AI is soon to be removed.)
   Establish a death penalty for capital crimes, or abolish it.

Where your Powers End

(Note: This isn’t against OOC rules unless the ruleset actually states it is.)

Presidents are quite free in their IC roleplay but they also have things that Nanotrasen forbids them from doing. Doing these might get your president demoted IC’ly, blacklisted by NT, or possibly killed:

   A President cannot micromanage the city council, but instead they can pass laws the city council may operate in.
   Nanotrasen would not be happy with a president cannot “wage war” on any foreign entity (unless admins start that kind of storyline and give them the okay).
   A President cannot have the NT CEO assassinated or try to “coup” NT.
   The President cannot make acts that give themselves more power than they actually have, or give ministers more power than they do.
   The President cannot override the Charter.
   Order for an entire group of people to be killed for existing or “banned from the colony” (IE: synths) which takes player characters out of the game.
   Make “reconditioning towers”, “gulags” or “concentration camps”.
   Bring actual real life offensive prejudices into the game, IE: racism, sexism, homophobia etc. No neo nazi or holocaust references or anything that is offensive. Presidents may be conservative, classist/statist, socialistic, or liberal as part of the roleplay, that is fine - but don’t be edgy.
   Break the law, even if they are the ones who made them.