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Who are They?

NanoTrasen, once a medical research company responsible for making cloning readily available and viable, now a trans-stellar mega-corporation with dealings in every sector of business but most notably a complete domination of the civilian sector. Amongst their holdings are not only hundreds of patents but also planets and colonies, with many more stations than anyone else in operation, they have many subsidiaries and are a major player in galactic politics much to the chagrin of SolGov who dislike NT but are unable to do much about them.

If there was one area in which NanoTrasen are ahead it would be the phoron mining industry, having been the ones to discover the almost magically useful substance they have thousands of gas giant extractors that they have sole rights to for the express purpose of controlling SolGovs Phoron supply, using their vast political power to impose hefty tariffs on all phoron shipped into SolGov space from neighbouring powers they have a virtual monopoly on its distribution. Their research divisions to this day are still exploring the element creating all kinds of tech from it, because of this, they are and will likely remain a major political player in the future.

What do They Want?

The Northern Light to remain solely theirs for study, they own and run the ship but are remarkably silent on exactly what they expect to gain from it especially as Lazarus has sole research rights aboard, its hard to imagine what exactly NT is up to, but all anyone knows is that the game NT is playing is miles ahead of anyone else. Even SolGov couldn’t react in time, the ship was retrofitted and deemed “Space worthy” faster than SolGov could even get an inspector out to look at the thing, mainly they want the crew of the Northern Light to keep it out of SolGovs reach and attempt to work out its strange futuristic tech.

How Does One Join?

NT is one of the biggest employers in the galaxy, if you have a specialty you have a place in NT SOMEWHERE, but even if you don’t you probably do too. On ship, you have to be either an engineer, Deckhand(menial labour) or have at least part of one share within the company and thus approved to run the thing, though in recent days NT Engineering on ship has been accepting apprentices to help maintain her and keep her habitable, NT hasn’t said anything bad about this practice as of yet.

Why are They on the Northern Light?

To find out what exactly the Ship is and unlock its various secrets, the ship itself is otherworldly and it seems to have tech either that is currently in development within NT or stuff they haven’t even THOUGHT of yet and the last thing they want is anyone ELSE getting this things secrets before they do.

How do They Feel About the Other Big Players?

Free Trade Union: Useful but should be wary of, opportunistic and so shouldn't be trusted with anything truly sensitive, but they are incredibly useful. If nothing else for their veritable FLEET of “Privateers” that we can hire to guard our more sensitive shipments (that we’d rather SolGov didn’t find...) provided we don’t tell them what is actually in them and don’t let them see.

Lazarus: They like a miniature baby NT! They’re what NT was when they first began, which is both endearing and something to be incredibly wary of, watched closely, friends close, enemies closer, Lazarus closest of all…

Mekhane: Incredibly useful religion we can use and they provide things that NT would otherwise have to pay for completely for free! Massive bonus, little fishy in places but what religion isn’t? Should be used at every opportunity to bring down expenses, not to mention help control the populace.

Aegis: Our private police force, bring in plenty of money and do exactly what we tell them to, fantastic at it as well, saved us on more than one occasion.

SolGov: Meddling, annoying bureaucrats who are all too willing to poke their noses into our business and attempt to stop us doing what we do! The last thing we need is a TRUE confrontation with them because we will LOSE at current so we’ll do everything we can to placate them while quietly undermining them where we can. Good to exploit though can easily be tied up in their own Bureaucracy and we have many lawyers to do that constantly. Unfortunately, we’re beginning to chafe, pesky things like Sapient beings' rights and taxation are really starting to annoy...but we have Project Icarus for that...