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The Basics

Space parallax.png

Congratulations! You have been granted the luxury to voyage into the unknown on the NEV Northern Light, one of NanoTrasen's newly refurbished state-of-the-art exploration and scientific survey vessels. Whether you're a NanoTrasen crew member, a disciple of Mekhane, an Aegis Merc, a Free Trade swabbie or a Lazarus Doctor, welcome!

Not every system is fully tested or optimized... and there are some unexplored deckspaces that we didn't have time to clear out. There's also a very minor roach problem, but that's nothing that will interfere with your mission.

Speaking of your mission, you are intrepid explorers! Your duty out here in the black is to survey and catalogue anomalies and planets for further exploitation. Land on new planets, explore abandoned structures, and most importantly take mineral samples for profit and Research and Development and secure valuable technologies and salvage.

Now, this mission lies deep in wild space, far beyond the borders of the known star nations, where rival corporations vie for strategic resources. You're going to be mostly alone out there.This space is dangerous, full of pirates and hazards and anomalies unknown. Not every planet will be uninhabited, not every alien lifeform will be friendly, so guard yourselves well!

And remember, this ship is your lifeline; if you abandon it, there's no telling what could happen to you, or the crew that're left behind in cryostasis. And if you abandon it and get back to secure space, there's no telling what NanoTrasen might do to you for losing one of their prized vessels.

This is your home for the foreseeable future. Don't let them take it, even over your dead bodies.


The background provided isn't nearly complete nor should it ever be. Significant portions of information are hidden across the game itself, and a player should search for more to receive more.

Date Description


Discovery of Bluespace's faster-than-light/teleportation capabilities. Creation of the first Bluespace tunnel. A tomato was elected as the first test subject, moments after entering the first wormhole, it appeared out of the second one, fried to a crisp. However, emergent technology of energy shields seemed to prove effective against more abrasive effects of Bluespace travel.


First public commercial Bluespace gateway opened, connecting high orbits of Earth and Mars. Boom of business and infrastructure growth on Mars.


First Bluespace drive is created, allowing for more freedom in Bluespace travel, instead of being confined to using bluespace gates and slings. The drives themselves are rather large and require heroic amounts of power to perform "jumps" between two points, leading to them being installed exclusively on rare and expensive Goliath-class ships.


Advances in biochemistry and genetics have delivered the first in the world prototype of rapid human cloning. One's body could be rebuilt in a matter of two months from their full genetic sequence. This is considered a major breakthrough, although the process itself is prone to errors, carries over close to no memory and is very expensive.


Xavier Trasen founds Trasen NanoMed on Mars, a small medical and research company, specialized in providing gene-therapy to less wealthy population.


Trasen NanoMed secures patent on a revolutionary cloning techniques, allowing to shorten growth time of a clone to several days, instead of months. This made the process much cheaper, making it an affordable luxury to middle class citizens.


NanoTrasen purchases several frontier systems, considered by prospectors to be rich in Phoron. Main focus is a gas giant, located in [REDACTED] system. Jesse Stewart, a high-ranking NanoTrasen official, is appointed to oversee the operations.


Jesse Stewart resigns from his position as regional overseer and passes down the position to James Trasen.


NanoTrasen purchases a defunct mining colony on planet [REDACTED], located in the neighboring solar system [REDACTED], with plans to rebuild it into a corporate hive-world.

Jan 1, 2320

Bluespace wormhole opens in space near [REDACTED] and ejects a mothership-class vehicle, which subsequently crashes on the surface of the planet. All identification markings do not belong to any of existing factions or corporations. No crew found. On-board machinery seems to have different connection protocols and ports to modern technology, however, some of the devices do have compatible ports, mostly with either state-of-the-art or in-development protocols. NanoTrasen claims the ship, referring to SolGov legislation on scavenging on owned territories. SolGov is not happy about it and sanctions NT to invite third parties for ship's repairs and research.

Mar 14, 2320

The NEV "Northern Light" leaves drydock to commence its voyage into unknown space three weeks ahead of schedule. Complaints from SolGov inspectors that the deadline was pushed up in order to avoid mandatory inspections fall on deaf ears as the populace celebrates this remarkable feat of engineering and corporate cooperation. The first jump proved disastrous, and several systems were heavily damaged, including the Cryo-Oversight Computer, The Bluespace Drive, And the Bluespace Communications beacons. The crew, lacking the resources and expertise to repair the damage, are forced to patch the systems as best they can, and carry on with their mission.

Oct 17, 2320

After weeks chasing bad leads, the crew finally managed to cobble together a relay system, allowing them to contact home for the first time. While the system proved to be unreliable and broke down after a short time, NanoTrasen began working on a permanent solution to re-establish communication with their lost vessel.

Nov 22, 2320

After an attack from Serbian Mercenaries, The crew of the Northern Light mounts an expedition to a well defended exoplanet to rescue their kidnapped crewmate, the CSO Mitsuji Kira

Mar 12, 2321

With enhanced communication with NanoTrasen, the Crew of the Northern Light was able to assemble a bluespace wormhole generator, allowing them to return to civilized space. They docked with a remote shipyard on the edges of known space to conduct vital repairs. NanoTrasen declined the request to return to SolGov space, fearing retribution from SolGov. This means the repairs to the Northern Light were not as extensive as previously hoped for.

Mar 25, 2321

Following a massive data breach by a disgruntled member, the revelation that Mekhanite Cruciforms could be hacked and used as monitoring devices shook the popular religion to its core. The Mekhanite Council worked diligently to ease the concerns of the galactic community by introducing a new Cruciform Luminaire, that lacks the capabilities of the standard cruciform, and the potential for harm. As part of these reforms, The Grand Architect announced sweeping changes in the core structure of the Mekhanite faith, from now on, those who took the cloth must be loyal to Mekhane, first and foremost.

The Corporations of the Northern Light Agreement

  • NanoTrasen: The primary sponsor and owner of The Northern Light. It is their shareholders who are assigned to the Captain's Board of this vessel, and they've supplied the engineering expertise to keep this mysterious hulk spaceworthy.
  • Aegis Security Solutions: NanoTrasen's subsidiary security and policing force. NanoTrasen employs Aegis personnel on almost every ship, station, outpost, and colony to provide security and policing services.
  • Lazarus Foundation: The youngest and smallest of the Northern Light Corporations, The Lazarus Foundation is a long time rival of NT. But the two have made an unprecedented move towards peace with the signing of the Northern Light Agreement, with Lazarus being the sole provider of medical care and research aboard the ship. Why NanoTrasen would agree to such a concession remains to be seen
  • Free Trade Union: A conglomerate of wealthy business people who've banded together to protect their interests and wealth, their primary business is resource acquisition and logistics, and so they were an obvious choice to handle the same on board. But the FTU isn't picky about what business they're in, and their name is one of the most recognized brands in SolGov space
  • Children of Mekhane: A massive and rapidly growing religion that preaches the adoption of technology and the betterment of all species through its advancement, The Children of Mekhane have enjoyed the open support and sponsorship of NanoTrasen, and so when approached to help on the mission, gladly accepted.

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