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The irrelevant times, too far into the past

Once upon a time, in this exact galaxy, in the early 20th century, planet Earth had a little timeline split accident.

A few people listened to each other, a few didn't. A few died, a few survived. But in the end, the resulting world state was quite different from what we see today.

Cultural, scientific, political and societal planes shifted greatly, triggering a powerful global expansionism rush, which caused the planet's population to be divided in three powerful mega-states, Soviet Union, United States and Republic of China (not to be confused with People's Republic of China, in this timeline it was never conceived).

Extreme border tensions essentially destroyed any hopes for a peaceful sky and development of any technology for society's needs. Everything went towards ensuring the enemy could not get past your borders, creating millions of square kilometers of no man's land.

The wars would go nice and merry (as much as wars can go, anyway), keeping the world in the endless and exhausting stalemate. Exhausting in spiritual, physical and economical ways.

This exhaustion led to [someone shot the editor here]