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This is the guide to pets and other critters.

What you need to know about critters

Critters are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, not to be confused with the AI. This AI is remarkably limited in many respects, which most often manifests in subpar pathfinding and limited reaction to the physics systems that human controlled mobs have to deal with. This makes them unpredictable and frustrating as both allies and opponents.

Critters are divided into three categories:


Name Description
Floorbot Floorbot Excited blue bot that will replace flooring exposed to space. Must be reloaded with floor tiles.
Cleanbot Cleanbot Competition for the Janitor. Will indiscriminately clean anything considered filth on a tile.
Farmbot Farmbot The Botanist's version of a Cleanbot, able to maintain plants in the absence of one.
Medibot Medibot An obnoxious bot that talks too often and injects sub-par medicine into patients.
Security Robot Securitron A robot that (brokenly) roams around and dispenses justice against people that don't have their ID on their person.


Name Description
Corgi.PNG Ian Ian spawns in the Head of Personnel's Office. Usually chases his tail around.
Mouse Mouse Wanders around maintenance, and squeaks when stepped on.
Monkey Monkey Monkey's for medical and science use.
Lizard Lizard Cute silly lizards. Not to be confused with Unathi.
Cow Cow Known for their milk, just don't tip them over. Can be milked for milk with a bucket.
Chicken Chicken Hopefully the eggs are good this season. Lays eggs once in a while, which can result in a chickensplosion.
Chick Chick Adorable! They make such a racket though.


Name Description
Space Carp Space Carp Spess Carp are an alien lifeform that travel through space in schools. Sometimes, space stations will be attacked by a traveling school, and anyone unlucky enough to be outside the protective walls will be attacked. Carp have a chance to stun their victims and attack every tick, doing about 10 brute damage with each bite.
Facehugger Facehugger Facehuggers knock out their victims outright and have a chance to infect them with a deadly xeno embryo. On the other hand, they can usually only attack once before they die and their infectious embryos can be resisted. Facehuggers don't care about masks or most headgear and will tear them off when they leap.
Spurdo Spärde :----DDDDDDD Space Bear Is that a bear?
Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror Horrifying, nightmare-inducing monsters from beyond the stars. Cosmic horrors are yellow, blob like creatures that will attack anyone they can find. The Wizard keeps one as a pet.
Killer Tomato Killer Tomato Spawned from the hydroponic trays of spiteful botanists, these mutant vegetables will hop menacingly after the first living thing they see. You should have eaten your veggies, because now they'll eat you invade harmlessly your personal space!
Visrator Viscerator A small flying deployed drone created and manufactured by one of the Major Syndicate Corps, they are hostile towards anything they see and attack using their rotor blades. Considered extremely efficient and are used in infiltrations and hostile take-overs, usually serve as a distraction to a more serious threat.
Pine tree Pine Tree A large, wintry tree. It appears to be a normal evergreen tree that would be perfect for the holidays, but it secretly detests festivities and will assault anybody within range of its menacing branches.. Commonly seen spawned by scientists with gold slimes and too much free time.
Hivebot Drone A deadly drone that somehow finds it's way onto the Northern Light.
Blob Spore Blob Spore Spawns from the Blob Factory. Chases and hits you, and releases spore gas upon death.
64px Blob Zombie If a Blob Spore finds a corpse, it will zombify it and then chase and hit you.
64px Blobbernaut A Blob Factory can turn into this. Chases and hits you hard.
Giant Spider Giant Spider A giant spider with red eyes and poisonous looking fangs.
Giant Spider Hunter Spider A giant spider with more potent venom for capturing prey.
Giant Spider Nurse Spider A giant spider that builds spider nests.
Kampfer Roach Kampfer The lowest among the Roaches, it still seems superior to most other animals...
Jager Roach Jager A Hunter-Killer Roach with deadly looking claws.
Gestrahlte Roach Gestrahlte A venomous roach, best to avoid getting hit.
Panzer Roach Panzer A tough tank-like roach.
Seuche Roach Seuche A support roach with fumes that seem to rejuvenate other roaches.
Kraftwerk Kraftwerk Roach A Nanite infested roach, it can make Nanite swarms.
Fuhrer Roach Fuhrer Roach The leader of the Cockroaches, it can call forth a horde of roaches.