The Most Amazing Bird's Application

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The Most Amazing Bird's Application

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I want a few more things to do in my day- a few more things to think about. In addition, I don't want to leave the entire job up to just one person and I think I can start making news articles- I think I'm creative enough.
A new religion has been discovered upon passing a planet once labeled as: "US#75632;" A planet entirely coated in molten material, lava and extremely hot liquids. This planet was closer resembling a star due to it's outer shell being overridden by nothing but super-hot temperatures. As our ship was passing by this planet, we encountered a stray traveler's ship with a single individual on board. When encountering this individual, they introduced themselves as "Bowen Valoren," calling themselves a 'Knight of Debynovey'. We decided to interview this individual to learn what exactly he was doing so far out in the galaxy and why he wanted to be here. A short interview was established as follows:

Journalist: "What exactly brought you all the way out here?"
Bowen: "I've been on a pilgrimage to visit my home world. I seek to find purpose in my life as I am currently lost."
Journalist: "Is this planet here your home?" The journalist gestured to the window, to the blazing planet outside the ship.
Bowen: "Yes. This was our home many years ago before the tremors struck and the core shifted. Earthquakes shuddered the planet and we all evacuated as many of us as we could onto ships before we were all taken by the rising lava."
Journalist: "Where does your people live now?"
Bowen: "On an asteroid too small for our entire race to live on happily. It's in poor condition right now but we're making advances on trying to find a new home."
Journalist: "And you'll be going back home after you're done with your pilgrimage?"
There was a long pause in the interview. Bowen Valoren looked between the Journalist and the planet in the background. He shook his head and finally stated that he was going to be joining the ship, saying that he's found his purpose.

We decided to talk a bit more about Bowen Valoren and what exactly his pilgrimage entailed- why he would be out here. We talked more about Bowen's religion and learned quite a bit.
'Debynovey' is a godless religion that is bound to laws rather than a deity. The laws are as follows:
Honor: "Uphold your honor among all else. There is no time when you should not worry that you are dishonoring yourself or your family."
Mercy: "To give to the less fortunate what you do not need. To stand tall and let live those that you have bested that don't need to be put down.
Vigilance: "Show no fear to your enemy and stand your ground against all violent forces."
Meditation: "Take care of yourself when there is nothing left to do. Your body and mind must be strong before you can stand tall."

After the interview had ended, Bowen Valoren talked about how his religion is not exclusive to his home or his people. That it is a religion that anyone can take up so long as they abide by the laws given. We asked Bowen what the afterlife was like when choosing to use this religion and follow it's laws. His reply was as follows:
Bowen: "There is no afterlife. This religion was made with all of the ideas of the current technologies. We don't just die. Everyone has a backup and everyone can have clones. Dying in this year is not as simple as it once was many, many years ago. It is not something to be afraid of. It is not something that you can simply have happen at a sudden turn. Show no fear to what may lie beyond- for we still don't know what it truly could be. Were we to die- completely- we are born again under Debynovey's laws and live our lives once again for Honor, Mercy, Vigilance and Meditation. Accepting Debynovey is choosing to accept your eternal life under laws that better yourself and those around you."
We asked Bowen what would happen were someone to choose to stop following these laws. His answer was simple:
Bowen: "Would you choose to stop caring for yourself or the people you love?"

With an ominous question given, the interview came to a very quiet point and we chose to end the interview fully, letting Bowen Valoren be and continue as he desired. It is likely that we will be seeing this individual on the ship at some point as he has accepted his position into standing tall in Aegis' line of soldiers.

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Re: The Most Amazing Bird's Application

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Grammar and sentence structure need a little polish, but are otherwise fine. Interview is thorough, to the point of the article running too long. Rejected on grounds of subject matter. Topic is wildly off course. Use of writer's character as subject should be avoided. Delving into backstory and advertising the character's arrival to the ship is the final strike.

Journalists are expected to take a fair amount of leeway with the topics given, as their input is a valuable part of the process and helps the idea to mature. However, they should not abandon the prompt in most circumstances. In addition, journalists should try to avoid using any of their own on station characters in their articles, and instead use out of game or other players' characters for quotes and interviews. It represents a conflict of interest and potential breach of impartiality.

If or when further positions open in the future, feel free to reapply.