How to Apply (read before applying!)

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How to Apply (read before applying!)

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To apply simply make a new topic and use the below template, in the area marked "Example News Report" we want you to write a Newscaster report on the following:
Solgov publishes new space OSHA safety and structural integrity standard requirements for space elevators. They are regulated under Sol's power to ensure the safety and efficacy of the interplanetary/system commerce they tax. They are a significant departure from the old standards and demand much more rigor on the part of the elevators.

This makes unions and well developed worlds happy, the former because work is safer and they will get a lot of modernization contracts which means $$$, the latter because they dodged a bullet and their competition didn't. Recently settled colonies, operators of older elevators and other just-meets-standards operations are pissed because they will either shell out for modernization or shut down.
Use your imagination what we're searching for here is people who are capable enough to write reports, you'll be used for a lot of our storylines to augment events and other in world changes. We want people who can use their imagination and give articles the right flavour and body based on what we give you so feel free to extrapolate other predicted knock on effects or aggrieved/pleased parties to quote! (Use the Quote Text function to clearly define the report by the way, makes it easier for us to read!)
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Example News Report:
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