[Twin-blade-Apock] BirdmanGA - LOOC ragequit [DECLINED]

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[Twin-blade-Apock] BirdmanGA - LOOC ragequit [DECLINED]

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Byond account and character name: BirdmanGA, Athos Hardy
Discord ID (if applicable): BirdmanGA
Banning admin: Twin-blade-apock
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server
Ban reason given: Initiated combat with a mercenary after a small scene, the mercenary left healed came back and kiilled him in the same location, proceeded to berate and yell in LOOC over it whereupon I messaged him to cease and explain that it was not ok repliied with "FUck no, I'm pissed, he ALWAYS takes ways that ruin the round for everyone." and then left. 3-day ban to cool off
Ban length: 3 Days
Approximate date that the ban was placed (including time zone): 2/8/2021
Your side of the story: So Frontline was goading me on in voice chat of sorts about how he's set up an "Insurance policy" in case of trouble. The last time he did this, the entire medbay was vented so I was heavily invested in preventing him from abusing it again. After a small scene in which I basically told him "No you may not kill me to complete your objective" I initiated combat. After he left then came back while I was setting up walls to prevent it from happening again, he hattoned his way in and unloaded a full clip of MG into Athos basically killing him while he was trying to prevent another depressurization of medbay. I got mad at how stupidly easy it was to die in this. Frontline on the voice chat said every wrong thing escalating the rage further and when asked to cease berating him in LOOC I replied with he's always takes ways that ruin the round for everyone. I then immediately left to cool off for a short time.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I will be the first one to admit I handle dying in stupidly short ways that I couldn't really prevent really really badly. What was not included in the story was what Frontline set up would have completely ruined the round for everyone else should medbay have been depressurized as the only engineer who has the knowledge on how to stop it was killed by Frontline as part of his objective. The initial shot was to surprise him while his armor was not on as none of my weapons would have worked, his unloading of shots into Athos was also a surprise as I initially thought girders would make for cover. Unfortunately I did not state "I need to cool off" before leaving but my abruptness in this situation was me recognizing that, by being contacted by Twin-Blade-Apock to stop, I was getting too heated.

I believe a 3-day ban is highly excessive for a cooling-off time as I have shown previously that a single day or even a single round is enough to reset my emotions to a more manageable level. I have been requested by multiple people to appeal this instead of waiting things out as I have been told there are IC things going on that may require Athos' presence.

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Re: [Twin-blade-Apock] BirdmanGA - LOOC ragequit

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I'm inclined not to grant this appeal. Nowhere in your side of the story are you sorry, nor in the reason you should be unbanned, there's not a single apology for the way you behaved, or that you wish to try and change, instead you make excuses for why you behaved the way you did and even at one point attempt to shift the blame to frontline.

This isn't even mentioning how you behaved in discord after the ban upto and including attacking frontline in PMs. You have displayed a willingness to fly off the handle at things previously, rage quitting the server several times, this was merely the straw that broke the camels back and the fact you even attempted to use the fact other people want you on server right now for IC things I say you should've thought of that BEFORE the actions you took, and you definitely should've thought of it before appealing without even so much as an apology, the ban will stand.

When the ban expires, I expect you to show me and the admin team that you have changed and moving forward will amend how you behave. The IC actions had NOTHING to do with this ban, it is entirely your OOC actions post death, and if you can't see that then it highlights to me that this 3-day timeout is needed for self reflection. Take the time to think about all of this, and we hope to see you back in 3 days with a willingness to change your behaviour and an end to these outbursts.