[Valanthe500] Ryokoakemi - fued with another character [DECLINED]

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[Valanthe500] Ryokoakemi - fued with another character [DECLINED]

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[admin name] player name - ban reason summary

Post Template:
Byond account and character name:
Discord ID (if applicable):
Banning admin:Valanthe500 / Aranya
Ban type (What are you banned from?): server
Ban reason given: Attempted to accuse another player OOC attempted non consensual ERP without OOC consent
Ban length: 30 days
Approximate date that the ban was placed (including time zone): 2010 02-28
Your side of the story:
Durring an antag event My character Seras Victoria saw Will wounded outside of security and saw an opportunity to finish him off and did so. Val asked me via admin ping why Seras did this. I told her it was because of Will's continued antagonism including an event where seras thought Will was attempting to rape her
Why you think you should be unbanned:
According to the ban it appears that the admin thinks I was trying to get will in trouble OOCly by making an accusation that he was trying to erp my character without OOC consent. At /NO/ point did I ever make this claim, In fact when Val wanted more information so that he could ban will I specifically declined because I did not feel as if any ooc wrongdoing had been done. Everything that had happened was IC and was handled IC and the only person who tried to bring OOC into it at al was Val. I had thought the issue was dropped when Arayna contacted me about it again. During our discussion I once again stressed that I was not accusing will of any ooc wrong doing and that the entire event was IC, and even pointed out that I may have been wrong about Will's intentions as it was an assumption based on past behavior.
I originally had no intention of contesting the ban until I saw what the ban was actually for Image
At NO point did I make ANY ooc accusation against Will, nor did I ask for any admin intervention for anything Will has done.
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Re: [Valanthe500] Ryokoakemi - fued with another character

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After checking the evidences of this case again as well as further conversation with people involved [Including the appellee], regardless of intent we have no way of proving what your intent was, so we have to assume the worst, and I have made a decision to uphold the ban and deny this appeal.