NanoTrasen Mandates

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This page serves to display documented mandates that have been reviewed and approved by the NanoTrasen Northern Light Board of Administration. It should also be known that contracts/orders/agreements can not extend beyond the shift they've been issued in unless said article has been cleared by the Board of Administration (Eclipse Staff).

The following has been decreed according to the majority will of the Captain's Board of the NEV Northern Light with a significant stake in the NEV Northern Light. This ruling is formally enacted immediately upon approval by the NanoTrasen Northern Light Board of Administration as ship law.


NEV NL Class 1 Mandate - Zero Tolerance for Hostile Entities
Status: ACTIVE
Revision 0-08-21, 23:04

As a Class 1 Mandate, failure to comply with the following ruling is grounds for degrees of punishment comparable to that given to one with being an Enemy of NanoTrasen (Code 424), and in the minimum case, will be treated as Dereliction of Duty (Code 118).

Any crewman found to have provided aid or harbour any entity, being, or agent listed herein as an Enemy of Nanotrasen shall be held and charged as accomplice of this enemy, and shall share equal responsibility in any crimes committed by such an agent.
Known Enemies of NanoTrasen
  • Any entity contracted by the organization known as "The Syndicate".
  • Any non-approved parasitic creature, including "Carrions" and "Cortical Borers".
  • Any entity in possession of Excelsior Compliance Implants, colloquially known as "Complants".

There will be no exceptions to this ruling barring majority agreement from the current on-duty department heads, plus approval from the Captain, or the First Officer in the Captain's absence.

Closing Statements
All this talk of these hostiles "resigning their allegiance", Not showing harm, Or that there will always be others to deal with. All these falsehoods must be put to rest with ruthless efficiency. Less these individuals share the same fate as those who would see this ship destroyed.

Notarization information:

  • Captain's Signature: Alexander Boemus
  • Witness Signature: Haley (Lazarus Chief Medical Officer)
  • Witness Signature: Sela Sparks (Aegis Commander)
  • Notary: Avitus Rix (First Officer)
  • Date of Activation: 08-22-2321