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The FreeTrade Union is a cooperative organization formed by an extensive network of the uber wealthy. The purpose of the FTU is to protect the profits and the rights of the members in the face of megacorporations such as Nanotrasen. And bureaucratic laws of SolGov. Each FreeTrade Union Merchant is an independent individual Mogul from within the Union. He or she is signed on to provide his or her services and product beacons to NanoTrasen in return for ownership of any minerals mined and full rights to the profits generated by the cargo bay.

Who Are They?

They are rich businessmen or women from all over the galaxy who own and lead the FTU as its “Members”. The Board of Directors advise the members on actions that yield the most profits as they are the middlemen between the upper members and the lower members. The Board is made up of 250 retired members or people of influence within the union. To gain Merchant status one must hold a wealth of up to one to three million credits of investments, real estate, fleets, and or holdings. Once Merchant status is given to said individual, they strive to gain the title of FreeTrade Union Junior Partner. Though the lowest rank, they are entrusted with carrying out business on behalf of the Union in any assigned job and or place they find themselves in. After three years or a recommendation from an upper member, a Merchant may apply to become a Junior Partner. If they reach this goal, they are in charge of managing their own group of merchants that they may pick or are given to by The Board of Directors. Merchants are the fingers that the Junior Partners have in any given area of work and most report their earnings to. A Junior Partner may remove their Merchant for failing to keep their venture profitable and replaced with a newly picked or given Merchant from The Board. All merchants that are picked by the Junior Partner or The Board are themselves a member of the Union.

The FreeTrade Union owns and runs most of the ports on starbases, trading post/stations, and most of planet-side ports in all known space. The Union itself owns and runs a large fleet both for trading goods and for defense of its holdings and supply lines. Its fleets are run by mercenary captains who were contracted to oversee trade or defense of their fleets.

Union Views

What is the Union's public stance on the other organizations that have joined the NEV Northern Light?

Themselves: The hard workers who keep the ship running. Club needs food? We provide, Lazarus needs materials? We sell high, Engineering needs steel? Sell it by the sheet!
Aegis: Defenders of capitalism! They keep the peace around cargo and make sure that stolen goods are retrieved! Keep them at arm’s length when they start to ask funny questions.
Lazarus: They're the primary purchaser of our goods on board. They ask, and we provide!
Engineering: Grease monkeys, layabouts and general hoodlums! They don’t know what a hard worker looks like, but they pay premium prices so who are we to say no to them?
The Club: Great place to eat and chat, try not to make the owner mad. If you get banned, I hope you like paying for pizza.
The Church Annoying and self righteous, they keep taking valuable resources from the recycler, but they buy materials.

Job Guides

Guide to Profiteering