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Your uplink is customizable inside the character creation menu, in the Roles tab. You can choose between several different types at the cost of some TC when you start.You can choose between PDA, headset, implant(costs half start TC), station bounced radio(costs 10% start TC) and pure telecrystals. Most common is the PDA, and if you roll traitor it will provide you with a password for the TaxQuickly app. This password will be saved in your Notes. Use it to access the uplink for contracts and items. For a headset uplink, you will have a set frequency that will allow you to use the uplink. With a station bounced radio, simply use it in your hand. An implanted uplink will activate with an emote as chosen by you.

Following is a list of all the items that are available to you via your uplink.


Pistol, SMG & Revolver Ammo

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Pistolmagazine64.png Standard .35 Auto magazine Standard .35 magazine, loaded with lethal ammunition. For use with pistols. Can fit 10 bullets. 1
Pistolmagazine64.png Highcap .35 Auto magazine Highcap .35 magazine, loaded with lethal ammunition. Can fit 16 bullets of .35 Auto ammunition. For use with pistols. 2
Pistolhighvelocity64.png Holdout .35 Auto HV magazine" Holdout .35 magazine, loaded with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 10 bullets. Does more damage than regular ammo.For use with pistols. 2
Pistolhighvelocity64.png Highcap .35 Auto HV magazine Highcap .35 magazine, loaded with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 16 bullets. 3
Smghighvelocity64.png SMG .35 Auto HV magazine SMG .35 magazine, loaded with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 35 bullets.For use with SMGs. 3
Magnummagazine64.png Standard .40 magazine Standard .40 magazine, loaded with lethal ammunition. Can fit 10 bullets. For use with Magnum Pistols (Lamia, Aversala) 2
Magnumhv64.png Standard .40 HV magazine Standard .40 magazine, loaded with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 10 bullets. Does more damage than regular ammo. For use with Magnum Pistols (Lamia, Aversala) 3
Slpistol64.png .35 Auto SL Standard .35 speed loader, loaded with lethal ammunition. Can fit 6 bullets. For use with FS REV .35 Auto "Havelock". 2
Slmagnum64.png .40 magnum SL .40 magnum speed loader, loaded with lethal ammunition. Can fit 6 bullets. For use with Magnum Revolvers. 2
Slmagnumhv64.png .40 magnum HV SL .40 magnum HV speed loader, loaded with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 6 bullets. Does more damage than regular ammo. For use with Magnum Revolvers. 3

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Srifle64.png .20 Rifle magazine Standard .20 magazine with lethal ammunition. Well known for it's armor penetrating capabilities. Can fit 20 bullets. 3
Ihsrifle64.png .20 Rifle IH magazine" IH issued .20 magazine with lethal ammunition. Well known for it's armor penetrating capabilities. Can fit 30 bullets. 3
Ihclrifle64.png .25 Caseless Magazine Standard .25 magazine with lethal ammunition. Can fit 30 bullets. For use with IHS carbines(Sol). 3
Sllrifle64.png .30 Rifle Ammo Strip .30 ammo strip with lethal ammunition. Can fit 5 bullets. For use with the .30 Kardashev-Mosin rifle(holds 10). 1
Lrifleshort64.png .30 Rifle Short Magazine Short .30 magazine with lethal ammunition. Can fit 20 bullets. 2
Lriflelong64.png .30 Rifle Magazine Long .30 magazine with lethal ammunition. Can fit 30 bullets. For use with Assault Rifles. 3
Lriflelonghv64.png .30 HV Rifle Magazine Long .30 magazine with high velocity ammunition. Can fit 30 bullets.Does more damage and penetrate armour better than standard ammunition. For use with Assault Rifles. 4

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
M12empty64.png Empty M12 Shotgun Magazine M12 shotgun magazine without any ammunition. Can fit 8 shells of your choosing. For use with the SG M12 "Pug" shotgun. 1
M12mag64.png M12 Shotgun Magazine with Slugs M12 shotgun magazine with slug shells loaded. Can fit 8 shells. 2
M12beanbag64.png M12 Shotgun Magazine with Beanbags M12 shotgun magazine with beanbag shells loaded. Can fit 8 shells. 2
M12pellet64.png M12 Shotgun Magazine with Buckshot. M12 shotgun magazine with buckshot shells loaded. Can fit 8 shells. 2
M12stun64.png M12 Shotgun Magazine with Taser Shells M12 shotgun magazine with tazer shells loaded. Can fit 8 shells. 4
Specialty & Energy

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Sniperammo64.png .60 Anti material A box with .60 AMR bullets. Has 5 bullets inside. 3
Darts65.png Darts A box containing 2 chemical mixing darts. For use with the Dart Gun. 2
Cellhypersmall64.png Small Power Cell(Asters Robustcell-X 500S) Asters Guild branded rechargeable S-standardized power cell. Looks like this is rare and powerful prototype. Used to power many small devices. For use with Energy pistols or small tools.Max Charge: 500. 3
Cellhypermedium64.png Medium Power Cell(Asters "Robustcell-X 1500M) Asters Guild branded rechargeable M-standardized power cell. Looks like this is rare and powerful prototype. Used to power medium sized devices. For use with Energy rifles and normal and bulky tools. Max Charge: 1500. 4
Cellhyperlarge64.png Large Power Cell(Asters "Robustcell-X 20000L") Asters Guild branded rechargeable L-standardized power cell. Looks like this is rare and powerful prototype.Max Charge: 20000. Used to power Large devices. For use with Hardsuit, Exosuits, Cyborgs, and Machinery. 5

See List of Firearms


Random Items

Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Random Item Buys you one random item. Purchases and item which you can afford. Used for fun. random
Random Items Buys you as many random items you can afford. Convenient packaging NOT included. This will attempt to use the remainder of your TC to give you random items.Beware, the items will spawn in your hand, and once your hand is full they will spawn on the ground. Find a discrete place first. All Remaining TC
Surplus Crate Buys a crate of items for remainder of TC. This is Serbian Mercenary exclusive. All remaining TC

Devices & Tools

Contract Specific Items

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Bsdm.png Blue Space Direct Mail unit This is the device used to extract objects for the Assassinate and Steal contracts. Stolen objects (in the case of an assassination this would be the head or cruciform of the target) must be placed within the BSDM, the BSDM must be brought within vision of a space tile; external windows such as those that may line hallways are applicable. Once in view of a space tile activate the BSDM in hand by clicking on it in the active hand or by pressing the 'Z' key with hotkey mode turned on, the BSDM will open a window and will confirm any objectives that will be completed with the items within, click the launch button and the BSDM will vanish completing the listed objectives. Free
Frier.png Mind Fryer This is the Mind Fryer device used for the Derail contract. To activate the mind frier simply place it on the ground and right click it, you will see an option to 'activate', click this option and the frier will unfold indicating it is now activated. When a human entity is present in the same 'area' as the mind frier it will begin to slowly chip away at their sanity, if the person has a mental break as a direct result of this it will count towards the contract. 3
Spy sensor.png Spy Sensor(x4) This is a box of spy sensors. Contains 4. Used for the Recon contract. In order to use the spy sensors you must place them on a tile on the ground, a sensor cannot be adjacent to another sensor, in a bag, in a locker or on a person and must remain within the designated 'area' as described in the contract, objects and closed lockers can however be placed on top of the spy sensors to hide them. Once all the aforementioned requirements are met you may individually right click each sensors and click the 'activate' option, currently there is no indication to confirm they are activated. Once the sensors have been in the required area for the alloted time(usually 10 minutes) they will delete themselves and explode into a violent Electro-Magnetic-Pulse. Beware this will disable your uplink permanently if you are caught in it. 1

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Spacecash64.png Spending Money A bundle of 500 untraceable credits to cover a few basic expenses. Used to make purchases on the ship. 1
Briefcase64.png Operations Funding" A briefcase with 10,000 untraceable credits for funding your sneaky activities. This will come with a secure briefcase, just set a password and hit enter to unlock it. 13
Boxofdoom.png Morphic Clerical Kit Comes with all you need to fake paperwork. Assumes you have passed basic writing lessons. Used for faking paperwork and make packages look official.Includes a handlabeler, wrapping paper,a stamp and a destination tagger. Not used often on Eris due to bureaucracy being kept to a minimum. 3
Plastique64.png C-4 (Destroys walls) Used to make holes in specific areas without too much extra hole. Used for breaching a single tile of wall or an airlock. 3
Heavyvest64.png Heavy Armor Vest A high-quality armor vest in a fetching tan. It is surprisingly flexible and light, even with the added webbing and armor plating. Used for extra protection. The vest also has webbing for extra storage. 4
Shielddiffuser64.png Shield Diffuser A handheld device that disrupts shields, allowing you to effortlessly pass through. Be sure to bring some spare power cells! Use this device to effortlessly get through any energy shield. Uses S-class small cells. Bring extra or you might trap yourself in. 4
Synditoolbox64.png Fully Loaded Toolbox" Danger. Very robust. Filled with advanced tools. Contains:Insulated Gloves, Combi Driver,Big wrench,Advanced Welding tool,Pneumatic Crowbar,Armature Cutter,Multitool 5
Redspace suit64.png Space Suit A sleek, sturdy box with a space suit inside. Contains a Red softsuit for use in EVA environments. Comes with a double emergency oxygen tank. 6

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Encryptionkey radio64.png Encrypted Radio Channel Key An encryption key for a radio headset. Contains cypherkeys. Used for eavesdropping on all the channels on the ship. Just pop it into your headset and listen. 4
Encryptionkey binary64.png Binary Translator Key An encryption key for a radio headset. Contains cypherkeys. Used for eavesdropping on AI and synthetic communications. 5
Emag64.png Cryptographic Sequencer It's a card with a magnetic strip attached to some circuitry. Also known as an E-Mag on the black market; this is one of the most useful items on the list. This lets you corrupt electronic devices of all kinds and subvert them for your own uses. Has a lot of different uses, ranging permanently bolting open airlocks, to subverting cyborgs with new laws and directives. Beware that it will only be usable 10 times and the next time after that it will short out, and you will have to order a new one. 6
Multitool.png Door Hacking Tool Appears and functions as a standard multitool until the mode is toggled by applying a screwdriver appropriately. When in hacking mode this device will grant full access to any standard airlock within 20 to 40 seconds. This device will also be able to immediately access the last 6 to 8 hacked airlocks. This is used for stealthily opening airlocks without having to hack them regularly. Also can remember airlock access for the last 6- 8 airlocks and open them immediately upon return. 6
Thermalglasses64.png Thermal Imaging Glasses" Used for seeing walls, floors, and stuff through anything. This will let you see other mobs and humans through walls. Extremely useful. 6
Thermal lens64.png Thermal Imaging Lenses Lenses for glasses. This will let you see mobs and humans through walls. These attach directly to your eyewear. 10
Powersink64.png Powersink (DANGER!) A nulling power sink which drains energy from electrical systems. You must find an exposed cable to wrench this down on. Then click on it to activate. This will slowly drain all the energy from a nearby APC eventually causing a blackout in the area. Big and bulky,you will want to hide this as best as you can. 10
Circuit64.png Teleporter Circuit Board A machinery circuit board used to build a teleporter control console This item will only be available to Serbian Mercenaries. Used for repairing a teleporter for infiltration or extraction. 8
Ai module64.png Hacked AI Upload Module A hacked AI law module. This will allow you to subvert a Ship AI and change its laws. 14
Beacon.png Hacked Supply Beacon (DANGER!) An inactive, hacked supply beacon stamped with the Nyx Rapid Fabrication logo. Good for one (1) ballistic supply pod shipment. Once set up, this will let you receive one drop pod with one ballistic supply crate. The crate will contain 5 random guns. The drop pod itself is a big item and will damage whatever is around it when it crashes into the ship. Beware as this can block certain hallways and doors, and will probably kill anything standing under it. 14



Icon Item Description Cost(TC)
Anti photon64.png 5x Photon Disruption Grenades These will absolutely kill any kind of light in a wide radius for about a minute. Useful for escape and subterfuge. 4
Teargas64.png 6x Tear gas Grenades Pepperspray grenades. These will blind and stun anyone caught in the radius. 6
Teargas64.png 5xSmoke Grenades These will puff out a large amount of smoke to obfuscate vision of anyone in it or beyond it. 4
Anti photon64.png 5xEMP Grenades This will kill any kind of electronic device caught in the blast radius. One of these is enough to lock out an APC for 500 seconds unless manually rebooted. Useful for fighting heavily augmented combatants or RIG and Mech users, or causing blackouts in areas of the ship. 6
Grenadesfrag64.png 5xFrag Grenades These will explode and send out shrapnel flying from the epicenter. Very useful for defensive crowd control or for attacking enemies behind cover. 8
Grenadesexplosive64.png 5xHigh Explosive Grenades Use these if you want a bigger bang. These act like frag grenades, with an additional explosive kick that will also damage things and tiles around it. Used for offensive crowd control, and taking out large groups of combatants behind cover. 10
Viscerator64.png Viscerator grenade Also known as a manhack by vagabonds, this grenade folds out into a small drone with razor sharp rotating blades. These "grenades" will actively seek out and follow any mob to constantly cause them brute damage. They are easily swatted down however, and get more effective as the swarm grows in numbers. 4

Hardsuit Modules


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Hardsuit modules thermal64.png Thermal Scanner A layered, translucent visor system for a hardsuit. This lets you see mobs through walls. Extremely useful. 4
Hardsuit modules energy net64.png Net Projector Projects a cool looking sphere effect. 5
Chem injector64.png Mounted chemical injector A complex web of tubing and needles suitable for hardsuit use. You can use this to instantly inject yourself with a variety of chemicals inside your Hardsuit. Chemicals include 80u of Glucose(Nutriment),Dexalin Plus, Tramadol,Tricordrazine, Spaceacillin, Hyronalin, Radium. You can refill it by taking it out and using a beaker on it. 8
Hardsuit maneuvering jets64.png Maneuvering Jets A compact gas thruster system for a hardsuit. This lets you travel up and down in Eva environments, and move if you are in open space. 4
Hardsuit modulesegun64.png Mounted Energy Gun A forearm-mounted energy projector. A laser gun for your Hardsuit. Uses 350 hardsuit power per shot. Has a stun mode. 8
Power sink64.png Power Sink A standard power theft device. This will let you drain devices of energy to recharge your hardsuit. Select a power device to drain power from it and use the module on it. 8
Hardsuit laser canon64.png Mounted Laser Cannon A shoulder-mounted battery-powered laser cannon mount. Uses 350 hardsuit power per shot. 12

Highly Visible and Dangerous Weapons


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Riggedlaser.png Exosuit (APLU) Rigged Laser While not regulation, this inefficient weapon can be attached to working exo-suits in desperate, or malicious, times. This is a module attachment for an Exosuit. You can mount this on a Ripley, if you manage to find one. 4
Dartgun.png Dart Gun Just like a mosquito bite. This is a specialty traitor item only avaiable through Uplink. This lets you put in 2 beakers of compatible chemicals and they will mix inside the dart as it is fired and inject the target with the mixture. Beware that certain mixtures will not work(water and potassium). Comes with 1 rack with 5 darts. You have to insert the beakers into the dart gun, and you can use it in your hand to confirm that it will mix the chemicals upon firing. It also has a discernible sound of chemical mixing, and the shot itself will sound the same as a suppressed pistol. 4
Clarissa.png Silenced .35 Auto .35 Auto with silencer kit. This is a box containing 1 FS HG .35 Auto "Clarissa", a silencer, and one highcap magazine with 16 lethal rounds of .35 Auto ammunition. Note that the Clarissa has a burst fire mode. 6
Esword.png Energy Sword May the Force be with you. This is an Energy Saber weapon that can be toggled on and off. Very powerful melee weapon when powered on, with a chance to parry melee attacks and a high chance of decapitations on unarmoured targets. 6
Minibow.png Energy Crossbow Mini energy crossbow, produced by old Nanotrasen, discontinued now. A weapon favored by many mercenary stealth specialists. This will give you one NT EC "Nemesis" crossbow. It is a self recharging energy weapon that fires small bolts of energy. The battery cannot be removed, and has capacity for 4 shots which will recharge fairly quickly. 6
C20r64.png Submachine Gun C-20r kit. This comes with one C-20r submachine gun and one .35 auto SMG magazine holding 35 rounds. Note that the C-20r can support a silencer,has an iron sight setting that will let you see 1 extra tile ahead of yourself, and will self eject magazines upon emptying them. 7
Miller.png Revolver Revolver Kit. This contains one FS REV .40 Magnum "Miller" and a .40 magnum speedloader with 6 rounds. 7
Sts.png Assault Rifle Assault Rifle Kit. This contains one STS-35 assault rifle and a short .30 Rifle magazine containing 20 rounds of lethal ammunition. Note that the STS-35 has 4 fire modes: semi-automatic,3 round burst, 5 round burst, and full automatic. 8
Pug64.png Pug Shotgun Pug kit with one M12 buckshot mag. This comes with one SG M12 "Pug" and a magazine for it filled with 8 lethal buckshot shells. Note that the Pug has a very low fire delay, and is semi automatic with no need to pump between shots.
Penetrator.png Anti-material Rifle. Sniper Rifle kit. One shot for real men. Comes with one NT AMR "Penetrator" rifle, disassembled into 3 parts. Also one round of .60 anti material ammunition.

Note that the Penetrator has a toggleable scope which lets you see much further in front of you, and is a very powerful weapon for taking out armoured targets.




Contract Specific

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Implanter.png Spy Implant A sleek, sturdy box Comes with one Implanter with a spy implant inside of it. This is the implant required for the Implant contract. It must remain in your target for atleast a minute before the contract will be completed. 1


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Implanter.png Freedom Implant A box with freedom implant inside. Install it in your hand or leg, chose emote. You can instantly remove handcuffs or legcuffs with your emotion. Have a small amount of uses. Comes with one Implanter with a freedom implant inside of it. This is used for getting yourself out of handcuffs or legcuffs with a simple emote. Must be installed in hands or legs. 6
Compimplanter.png Compressed Matter Implant A box with compressed implanter inside. Choose an item with this implant, install it inside you and choose emote to activate it. Take your chosen item whenever you want by your chosen emotion. One use. Comes with one Implanter with a Compressed Matter implant inside of it. This implant will let you store one item to be recovered into your hand at any time with the use of an emote. Note that loaded weapons will also work! This is extremely useful incase you get brigged and need a way to escape. 8
Implanter.png Explosive Implant A box with explosive implant inside. When you use it on your enemy, you can choose three ways to use it: destroy limb, destroy your enemy or make a small explosion. Activation by phrase you choose too. One use. Comes with one Implanter with a explosive implant inside of it. When you implant your target it will prompt you to select a method of explosion, and then to choose an activation key word. The Implant will be triggered when you say the codephrase while in view range of the implanted target. Can cause a sizable explosion, and will gib the target. 10
Implanter.png Uplink Implant Contains 10 TC. This will let you implant yourself with a direct uplink activated via emote. You can also implant others with it to give them access to an uplink but they will not be able to view the contracts or order anything except for a mind fryer unless they are a traitor, or become a traitor after being implanted. However if they get their hands on your physical uplink such a station bounced radio or PDA, they will be able to do contracts and spend tc on your behalf. 12


Chemicals, Medkits, and Nanites

Changeling Specific

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Vial.png Genetic material vial A vial with genetic material. One of these vials will grant you 3 Evolution points to use as a Changeling. 5


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Sinpockets.png Box of Sinpockets Instructions: Crush bottom of package to initiate chemical heating. Wait for 20 seconds before consumption. Product will cool if not eaten within seven minutes. Use this in your hand and wait until it say its ready. This will dose you with hyperzine which will make you go faster. Beware using hyperzine in tandem with other chemicals or stimulants. 2
Vial.png Raw Nanites Vial A small glass vial. Contains 30 units of Raw industrial Nanites.Nanites are very rare chemical components used in the creation of powerful stimulants that remain in your body and activate when needed. See the MIRC application on any console for all of the uses. 5
Vial.png Raw Uncapped Nanites Vial A small glass vial. Contains 30u of Raw Uncapped Nanites. These Nanites are used for more powerful nanite stimulants. 8
Combatmedkit.png Combat Medical Kit Contains advanced medical treatments. Comes with a 1 bottle of: Bicardine, Dermaline,Dexalin Plus, Dylovene,Tramadol, Spaceacillin as well as a medical splint. Useful for healing on the go, and healing injuries that arent serious enough for surgery. 5
Surgerykit.png Surgery Kit Contains tools for surgery. Has precise foam fitting for safe transport. Contains a retractor, hemostat, bonesetter, cautery, circular saw, scalpel and surgical drill and a trauma kit. 5

Children of Mekhane

This category is exclusive to the Inquisitor antagonist.

Inquisitor Tools and Weapons


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Ritualbook.png Ritual Book Contains holy litany and religious prayers. A spare bible. There are plenty in the Theo-Mat, but if you lose access to that then this is good for handing to new converts. 1
Cruciform.png Cruciform Implant Soul holder for every disciple. With the proper rituals, this can be implanted to induct a new believer into NeoTheology. Spare standard cruciforms in case the Preacher's locker gets stolen, or you run out for whatever reason. Required for NT conversion rituals. 1
Ritualknife.png Ritual Blade The sweet embrace of mercy, for relieving the soul from a tortured vessel. This is a robust blade used by the preacher for performing Cruciform rituals. 2
Preacherhat.png Preacher Hat Useful for hiding disdainful eyes from the godless masses. Standard NeoTheology Preacher's hat. Looks cool, but isn't armored. Goes good with the Preacher's coat. 3
Preachercoat.png Preacher Coat A snugly fitting, lightly armoured brown coat. Standard NeoTheology Preacher's jacket. Looks cool, and is armored. When bought with the hat, a newly-minted Preacher made via the Kit can have his standard garb, even if there is currently no Preacher. 3
Preacherascensionkit.png Preacher Ascension Kit The first stage of promoting a disciple into a NeoTheology Preacher. Requires a ritual from an Inquisitor to complete. This will let you upgrade any follower's cruciform to that of a Preacher's, granting him or her 30 more litany points and access to Priest litanies. Simply use the kit on the preacher-to-be, face him/her as he/she is buckled to the altar, and say the Initiation litany. 3


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Minibow.png NT EC "Nemesis" Mini energy crossbow, produced by old Nanotrasen, discontinued now. A weapon favored by many mercenary stealth specialists. It is a self recharging energy weapon that fires small bolts of plasma(deals toxin damage). The battery cannot be removed, and has capacity for 4 shots which will recharge fairly quickly. 5
Minibow.png NT EC "Themis" Energy crossbow, produced by old Nanotrasen, discontinued now. A weapon favored by mercenary infiltration teams. It is a self recharging energy weapon that fires small bolts of plasma(deals toxin damage). The battery cannot be removed, and has capacity for 4 shots which will recharge fairly quickly. This does more damage, and is much bigger. 8
Halicon.png NT IR "Halicon" The NT IR Halicon is a man-portable anti-armor weapon designed to disable mechanical threats, produced by NeoTheology. Not the best of its type, but gets the job done. This is an Ion Rifle made for fighting synthetic threats. Uses medium cells. 8
Dominion.png NT PR "Purger" A more recent "NeoTheology" brand pulse rifle, developed in direct response to compete against the highly successful "Cassad" design. This is a pulse laser rifle with a rapid fire mode. Uses medium cells. 10
Dominion.png NT PR "Dominion" A weapon that uses advanced pulse-based beam generation technology to emit powerful laser blasts. Due to its complexity and cost, it is rarely seen in use, except by specialists. Another Pulse rifle from Neotheology. This one includes a stun non-lethal mode. Uses medium cells. 10
Lfall.png NT LG "Lightfall" "NeoTheology" brand laser carbine. Deadly and radiant, like the ire of God it represents. This is the newer model of the more powerful Valkyrie rifle.Much higher ammunition capacity, without the kick. Uses medium cells. 10
Valkyrie.png NT MER "Valkyrie" "Valkyrie" is an older design of Nanotrasen, "Lightfall" was based on it. A designated marksman rifle capable of shooting powerful ionized beams, this is a weapon for killing from a distance. This is a laser sniper rifle. This thing is extremely powerful, and has up to 3 shots with an atom cell. Can instantly vaporize limbs, and causes a knockdown. 13



Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Shipwide Announcement Broadcasts a message anonymously to the entire vessel. Triggers immediately after supplying additional data. This will bring up a text window and let you send out an anonymous shipwide announcement. Used for misdirection. 4
Crew Arrival Announcement/Records Creates a fake crew arrival announcement as well as fake crew records, using your current appearance (including held items!) and worn id card. Trigger with care! This will create records of you in the ships manifest send out over an announcement that you have awoken from cryogenic revival. Beware as it will also display you ID title. 8
Ion Storm Announcement Interferes with the station's ion sensors. Triggers immediately upon investment. This will send out a fake Ion storm announcement. Doesnt do anything else. 2
Radiation Storm Announcement Interferes with the station's radiation sensors. Triggers immediately upon investment. This will make it seem like there is a radiation storm passing over the ship. Its not real however, but will send the majority of the crew into the maintenance for a couple of minutes. 7

Stealth & Camouflage Items

Stealth Items

Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Auraldampener.png Tool Upgrade: Aural Dampener This aural dampener is a cutting edge tool attachment which mostly nullifies sound waves within a tiny radius. It minimises the noise created during use, perfect for stealth operations Any tool you put this on will be silenced almost completely. This includes shovels, multitools, combi drivers and welders. Mainly used for silently fixing robolimbs or hacking into lockers with a regular multitool. Note that any tool you plan to use as a weapon can also be silenced such as circular and chainsaws. 1
Noslipgrips.png No Slip Sole Attach it to your shoe. This will prevent you from slipping on water, banana peels, soap and other hazardous items. Extremely useful as you can attach it to any boots or shoes. 1
Boxofdoom.png Bug Kit For when you want to conduct voyeurism from afar. This kit comes with 6 tiny cameras and a PDA viewer. Simply place the cameras where you want them to transmit from and link them to the PDA device. The cameras are tiny and are able to be placed under other objects and lockers. Extremely useful if you have a hideout, and want to be aware of anyone breaking in. Or out. 2
Agentcard.png Agent ID card A card used to provide ID and determine access across the ship. This is a spoofer ID card that lets you edit every characteristic on it, even the way it looks. You can change your identity coompletely to anyone looking from the outside. Beware that your voice and face will still give you away so make sure to use a voice modulator that acts as mask. The second function of this card is electronic warfare. Simply swipe the card over any other ID card to copy its access to the Agent card. Extremely useful for blending in and gaining access silently. Works really well in combination with the Voice Changer and Chameleon kit. 3
Gasmask.png Voice Changer A face-covering mask that can be connected to an air supply. It seems to house some odd electronics. This will let you cover your face and sounds like any other person. Simply configure it to the name you want, and activate the modulator. Then wear it over your face. Great in combination with the Agent card, and Chameleon kit. 5
Boxofdoom.png Chameleon Kit Comes with all the clothes you need to impersonate most people. Acting lessons sold seperately. This kit comes with one of each clothing type for all your equipment slots. The items can change their appearance to look like any other article of clothing. Extremely useful when used with voice changer and Agent card. You can change appearance extremely fast wearing this clothing, which can throw off most unobservant pursuers. 5
Champrojector.png Chameleon Projector This is chameleion projector. Chose an item and activate projector. You're beautiful! This item lets you pick a target item to project. This will hide you on the tile you are standing and make you appear to be the object you chose. If you move or deactivate it, the illusion is broken. Extremely useful for throwing off pursuers and creating ambushes. 8

Stealthy & Inconspicuous Weapons


Icon Item Description Use Cost(TC)
Syndisoap.png Subversive Soap An untrustworthy bar of soap. Smells of fear. A bar of soap. Can make people fall down. Use with No Slip soles for maximum effect. 1
Vial.png Random Toxin- Beaker An apple will not be enough to keep the doctor away after this. This will have a random vial containing varying amounts of random toxin. Varies from spacedrugs and mindbreaker, to carpotoxin and zombie powder. 1
Cane.png Concelead Cane Sword A cane used by a true gentlemen. Or a clown. This cane can be used in your hand to produce a switchblade, and used to conceal it again. The cane can also be used as a prying tool, and the knife can function as a screwdriver or wire cutters. 2
Cigarettes.png Cigarette Kit Comes with the following brands of cigarettes, in this order: 2xFlash, 2xSmoke, 1xMindBreaker, 1xTricordrazine. Avoid mixing them up. This is a box of specialty chem cigarettes. The tricordazine ones can heal you in a pinch, and the flash ones might be useful against someone gullible enough to accept them. 2
Bootknife.png Boot Knife A small fixed-blade knife for putting inside a boot. Just a knife to keep as a holdout weapon or for utility. 3
Pen.png Paralysis Pen It's a normal black ink pen. This will paralyze the target you stab with it for a long time. Long enough to finish them off. 6


The last category in the uplink will let you pull out any amount of crystals that you have in your uplink to share with other traitors and antagonists if you so choose.