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Guild Miner
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Guild Miner
Difficulty: Medium
Superior: Guild Merchant and Captain
Duties: Extract and process minerals from the asteroid, and junk piles found on the ship.
Guides: Guide to Profiteering, FTU Lore
Quote: Who took the double barreled shotguns?

Union Miners are contracted to be the manual labor of the merchant in question, acting as their muscle in defense of the cargo bay or being sent to investigate maintenance. They also are trained to operate the mining rig and go EVA in search of the merchant's coveted mineral wealth. Miners are contracted into the Union and are not members of it.


As the name suggests, your primary role aboard the NEV "Northern Light" is to mine. Everything you dig up goes to the Union, and from then on, it's the merchant's responsibility to sell it to other departments.

Your second responsibility is to use the junk beacon and dig through the piles it calls for useful valuable items the merchant can sell for profit.

Your third responsibility is as an unofficial security guard. The Union is a popular target for thieves, and one of the unspoken reasons for keeping rough, sturdy people like you on the payroll is to deter those thieves, and punish them with a swift beating for attempting to steal from the merchant. Try to keep the beatings nonlethal though, murder generates too much bad publicity and turns our defenders into aggressors.


As a Miner, your duties are quite self-explanatory. You have to mine. This requires the Northern Light to be in the vicinity of an asteroid. When the round starts consider letting the Guild Merchant or any other heads of staff know that you are presently waiting and you need to go mining. Usually the ship will be piloted to the asteroid shortly after the round starts.

Make your way to the Cargo area in Section 3(across from the bar and chapel) and use the stairs going down to find the Hulk shuttle. Your locker and equipment will be located on that shuttle. Get acquainted with your things(notably the ore detector and meson scanner) and feel free to modify your digging tool to make it more efficient. Also, a shotgun will be available to you at round start with boxes of shells. These are for miners specifically, so go ahead and take one.

Once you hear that the Ship has been piloted to the asteroid, you can take off in the Hulk Shuttle using the console at the helm. Make sure you are ready with a voidsuit and oxygen tank before making your way outside.

You have two options for mining: You can use the giant drill found in the Hulk Shuttle or you can do it manually with your own Mining tool. To get the most materials and resources, a combination of both is preferred.


Use the ore detector found in your locker to locate materials that you would like to acquire. Once you find the spot, its time to set up the drill.

  1. To use the drill, all 3 parts(Head and Legs) must be pulled out and assembled beside each other in a row with the head in the middle.
  2. Use a wrench to attach the legs to the head.
  3. Click on it with an empty hand to prime it, and click it again to start it.

You will need an orebox to empty the drill. Put the ore box beside the drill and right click on the Head and press empty drill. This will empty the contents into the ore box.

Sometimes the drill will stop running; you will be able to tell since it will show a red light. This happens because either the drill is full, has run out of materials to mine or has run out of power. This will require you to restart the drill by opening the hatch on the head with a screwdriver and replacing the cell. While it is open you can switch out Power Cells by clicking it with an empty hand. Otherwise empty it to free up storage, or move the drill to a different location.


Use your meson scanners to spot minerals and resources in the rock. Use your mining drill to dig them out and put them into your satchel. You can empty the satchel into the ore box by clicking on it with the satchel in your hand. You have plenty of time to dig while the drill is running, and feel free to explore the area for more resources or points of interest.


Once you’ve gotten a fair amount of materials in your ore box, you’re going to want to use the Hulk Shuttles' internal smelter to smelt them into usable materials. Bring your ore box up to the only exposed conveyor and start the materials processor. This will pull the materials out of your crate and store them inside the smelter. Use the console on the other side to smelt and alloy the raw metals. Following is a chart for what you have to do with each resource. Note that processing ore with the wrong procedure can cause accidents and turn the metals into worthless slag.

Processing method
Name (Raw ore) Smelting Compressing Alloying
Rough Diamond Diamond Sheets
Hematite Iron Ingot Steel Sheet
Raw Hydrogen Tritium Ingot Metallic Hydrogen Sheet
Native Gold Gold Ingot
Native Silver Silver Ingot
Plasma Ore Explosion Plasma Crystal Plasteel Sheets, Borosilicate Glass Sheets
Pitchblende Uranium Sheet Pitchblende Brick
Carbon Plastic Sheet Carbon "Sheet" Steel Sheet
Raw Platinum Platinum Ingot Osmium Ingot
Sand Glass Sheet Sandstone Borosilicate Glass Sheet
Ingredient Ingredient Result
2 Steel 1 Plasma Ore Plasteel Sheet
2 Sand 1 Plasma Ore Borosilicate Glass Sheet
1 Hematite 1 Carbon Steel Sheet


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List of Roles
Positions on NEV Northern Light
Captain's Crew Aegis Lazarus Sci Lazarus Med Engineering Free Trade Union Children of Mekhane
Captain Aegis
Science Officer
Medical Officer
Gunnery Sergeant
Engineer Union
Bridge Officer Aegis
Medical Specialist