The Core Worlds

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The very cradle of humanity, and HQ of SolGov and NanoTrasen.


Humanity was spawned here. Initially divided into numerous states, Earth currently stands united underneath Core Worlds of Sol government (A key member of SolGov, but not the SolGov itself). Houses the Grand Assembly, one of the main meeting halls and think tanks of SolGov.

Initially, when humanity left its cradle, Mother Earth was in a rather sorry condition. Nowadays restoration of its climate and ecosystems, alongside several nature-preserving laws and bans have made it into an enviable pearl in the crown of humanity. Floating cities and underwater habitats line the oceans, including the meeting hall of SolGov. It's blue and green and marvelous. And terribly expensive.

Dozens of human-originating galactic states have their "claims" on the planet or its specific land regions, mostly based on countries the founders of those states originated from. For the most part, those claims aren't humoured by the Core Worlds government.

Property value is astonishingly high.


Earth's eternal companion, while poetic, is still a rather cold dusty rock. It does have a lot of habitats constructed, including several factorums that benefit from low, but still existent gravity, this also includes the very first shipyard built by humanity and out of a sense of obligation it has been consistently kept up to date and cutting edge. It's a lesser corporate world, but its lack of atmosphere, liquid core or any water reserves makes it anticlimactically unremarkable. It houses the biggest amusement park in Sol as its main tourist destination.


Earth's first truly colonized planet that gained its independence largely thanks to the wits and innovation of its early colonists. Those interests became the cornerstone of Mars' entire culture. The Free Economic Zone of Mars is a figurative gold mine that boosted the Red Planet into a freshly terraformed industry powerhouse it is now. Xavier Trasen was is a descendant of the original colonists, the very founder of NanoTrasen (well, Trasen NanoMed, initially) and is the household name in proverbs of Martian people, including his most frequently used quote “Customers may have any colour of prosthesis they like so long as its blue”. NanoTrasen's HQ stands as a tall building at its very heart, (in fact the tallest, everytime plans are proposed for a bigger building on the surface NT moves forward with “Plans that have been in the works for years, promise” to add several floors to it.) enjoying the gorgeous Red Planet landscape and full exemption from SolGov taxations and sanctions.


Venus is currently being terraformed into yet another coreworld, but is habitable enough already. Several domed colonies blooming down beneath heavy clouds insist on being called Venetians (the source of a punchline to a very common joke made at their expense “VENETIAN? I THOUGHT YOU SAID VEGETARIAN!”) and turning the planet into the cultural capital of Humanity.


Titan is an industrial hub within Sol its vast oceans of Methane supply a lot of the galaxy with both the gaseous and liquid form of it and don’t show many signs of running out as a result several industries reliant on the element have built their HQs on Titan to better exploit it.

What Do They All Have In Common?

98.7% of all population are humans. It is the most human-centric location in the universe, and those statistics include service synthetics owned by more well-off citizens. Several members of SolGov, funnily enough, have their claims on the core worlds, disputing the authority of local governments.