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The Techno-Russian Federation

Techno-Russia is a technocracy led by The Directory. Techno-Russia’s primary goal is the advancement of human technology and humanity itself through technology.


The political structure of Techno-Russia is a confederation with the Directory as its governing body. Though the Directory itself is a council and the nominal legal body, the real power is in the many worlds that house powerful universities and research labs. Both of these blocs lobby for power and grants to pursue their goals and advance their prestige and influence. Techno-Russia has the most advanced robotics programs within SolGov, though due to its bleeding edge and cutthroat nature it cannot reach past its infighting to overpower any of the other human nations. But still butts heads often with its fellow members in pursuit of technological advances and protection of its technology.


Techno-Russian military doctrine emphasizes lightning warfare, and space lane dominance over ground warfare. Accordingly their fleet takes the lion’s share of the budget, and approaches battles with individually superior vessels. The supposed peerlessness of their spacecraft and in some cases pilots in like-for-like engagements are a point of national pride for Techno-Russia, though practice tends to find the odds evened by opposing numbers advantages. The Techno Russian army is comparatively puny because it is counted in terms of human members, and as in many other areas of Techno-Russian society, shortages in manpower have been made up for with automation. It consists mostly of human controllers directing a much larger bulk of synthetic war machine.


Techno-Russia holds little room for religion as they have come to push aside the concept of a higher entity that guides and watches them. Though Techno-Russia does not have a state Religion there are many groups of people who follow their own personal creeds, but even with their desire to move past religion, many underground groups cause issues with the mentality.