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NeoTheology Preacher.png
Difficulty: Hard
Superior: Mekhanite Council, Captain
Duties: Serve your congregation, and ensure the eternal life of the members of the church.
Guides: Guide to Mekhanism, Roleplay Ritual Templates, Mekhane Lore
Quote: Semper ubi sub ubi.

Click to step through The Gateway and return to the Mekhane Hub.
Click to step through The Gateway and return to the Mekhane Hub.


Head of the local church and representative of Mekhane on the NEV "Northern Light". His task is not only to spread the influence of Mekhane by any available methods, but also to maintain unity among his flock, and provide resurrection and healing to those who need it, regardless of affiliation.

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A hive city, where the Children of Mekhane are slowly creating their own heaven.


As a Head of Staff and member of the Command Crew, it is important that Preachers have a basic understanding of every aspect of the Church. For new players, we recommend starting as an Acolyte until you feel you are comfortable leading the faithful.

For starters it is best to give direction to your local church members, such as starting the Bioreactor and fueling the Biogenerator. You are not expected to run it yourself as your clothing will not protect you from the bile mass that secretes from a dirty reactor pipe. The preacher is not expected to dive into maintenance for roaches or other critters, nor are they expected to clean the halls. You are expected to give direction for the church and spread the faith among the crew.

Inquisitors, are another story. An inquisitor will seek a private audience with you and may share their objectives with you. Their objectives are seen as utmost priority from the Church itself and must be completed. Will they be completed in haste, or will you take your time to complete them? That is up to you and the Inquisitor, as they hold more power over you and can easily dismiss you if you fail to heed the Church's will.

Information on the Bioreactor and Biogenerator can be found here: Guide to Mekhanism

Group Litanies and Rituals

Unlike other Church members the Preacher can gather the church members together to perform group litanies. The preacher should announce the litany they wish to commence and those following must read after him.

Most of the group rituals work equally. The Preacher reads the first word of the group ritual litany, and after that the believers repeat the Preacher's words. Then the Preacher reads the next word and the believers repeat again. This continues until the end of the ritual. Any other words or incorrect litanies will cause the believer to be removed from the group ritual, or the Preacher to stop it. If the ritual failed, you can't trigger it again. Only one ritual can be started per round.

Upon the completion of a successful litany, everyone in the group who followed along will gain a boost in stats depending on the litany chosen. Group litanies increase your stats by 3 points with a 1+ per each believer who was in the group ritual. Also, group litanies will give you access to the "Crusade" litanies, which are mostly used by Mekhane battle troops for strength through faith.

For some ideas of how to roleplay, you can refer to: Roleplay Ritual Templates

See below for the Crusader Litanies.

Crusader Litanies

Any of the Crusader litanies needs a special amount of people to unlock the highers tier of it. To open all Crusader abilities you should have atleast 4 believers with you, and the Preacher.

Note: Crusades are something you want to discuss among your followers and not publicly. Publicly discussing a Crusade could cause unintended consequences such as Aegis raids or an uprising on the ship against Mekhane. You should also not use these litanies at the beginning of a round, only after a suitable threat (such as changelings) has popped up for all Christians to gain access.

Name Description Тext
Eternal Brotherhood Shows to you all other believers, or anyone who has cruciform, by giving you the Mekhane HUD. This although stops your cruciform from regenerating energy. Ita multi unum corpus sumus in Christo singuli autem alter alterius membra.
Call to Battle If you have any Crusaders around you, using this litany will cause a global upgrade of the "Toughness" and "Robustness" stats. Si exieritis ad bellum de terra vestra contra hostes qui dimicant adversum vos clangetis ululantibus tubis et erit recordatio vestri coram Domino Deo vestro ut eruamini de manibus inimicorum vestrorum.
Searing Revelation The most powerful litany that you can get. Using it will stun everyone who doesn't have cruciform for 4-5 seconds, but it also has a large chance to stun you. It can be a reason why Aegis would start causing problems for the church. It would be better if you hide this litany until it is needed in battle. Per fidem enim ambulamus et non per speciem.


  • Nonbelievers will very rarely convert to Mekhanism by themselves, you need to search interested ones and spread the word of Mekhane by either pamphlets or private messages. We don't recommend using the radio too much as Aegis may dislike that. Try to bring people to Church and tell them more about the religion to convert them, and don't be afraid to ask believers to help you with spreading the word, it helps to have someone who can be trusted to reassure the nonbelievers to convert. Then notify the preacher someone wishes to convert.
  • While trying to convert people try to not use the "fear of death" or other factors like that, you will scare them instead of making them more loyal to you. Remember, immortality is a reward for the faithful, not a tool to scare the non-believers.
  • You are a Preacher, not a soldier, so you must prevent your death by any means. If you die, the church aboard loses a major leader. Your Acolytes are the only people also capable of cloning so consider living especially important when they're not around.
  • Group prayers sung together will last for 20 minutes outside the church and can be refreshed by going near an obelisk. The stat buff lasts forever until changed- try to get a lot of Christians together for just a good +8 or +11 stat bonus for the faithful
  • While converting Aegis may seem like a good idea, you need to remember that there's a reason they can't start with a cruciform. If you baptize Aegis personnel, don't be surprised to see them fired.
  • Compared to the other Heads on the CEV Eris, you are both considered relatively harmless and are not tied to a desk like the others. If the situation calls for it you can act as an ambassador to other factions or a neutral third party.

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Positions on NEV Northern Light
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Captain Aegis
Science Officer
Medical Officer
Gunnery Sergeant
Engineer Union
Bridge Officer Aegis
Medical Specialist