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You are a mouse. A simple critter, all you desire is to eat and not die. This might be harder than it sounds due to the overwhelming amount of things that are bigger than you, that also want to eat you such as spiders and roaches.


Your best bet for a consistent source of food would be the chapel or the kitchen. Try to avoid the humans and get to their food stores. Remember that you can crawl under flaps and hide under tables. Another good source of food would be humans that dig up food piles and leave them everywhere. Beware however, old food or food that has been exposed to roach farts will have toxins in it and will give you toxins damage. Interacting with humans is something to be considered gravely, as they can crush you with a single blow. However some humans will choose to make you their permanent companion, which usually includes meals. You decide for yourself if the risk is worth it.

If you must attack a target bigger than you, the best way to go about it is a sneak attack from above. Jump on them if you see them under you to show them who's boss!


  • Stay away from maintenance tunnels if you can avoid them! Roaches and spiders will kill you!
  • Too many humans stepping on you will kill you!
  • You can climb inside of ventilation and use that to travel around airlocks!