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Aegis Medical Specialist
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Aegis Medical Specialist
Difficulty: Medium
Superior: Gunnery Sergeant, Aegis Commander, Captain
Duties: Keep the Aegis operatives AND the prisoners alive, and if you have time, process collected forensic evidence.
Guides: The Agreement, Enforcement Guide, Aegis Lore
Quote: "I'm a medic, not a doctor. What's the difference? A doctor heals you and gets you better, a medic makes you comfortable while you die."


The Medical Specialists of NEV "Northern Light" are the main support staff for Aegis. You provide both medical and forensic services. You are neither a grunt nor an operative, you are a nerd with a gun.

Specialists play two roles, Medic and Forensics. They do not focus on one of these professions, they commit to both while helping the Inspector with his investigations if asked. To assist with this, here are some important points to remember:

  • You are not a doctor. Your job as a medic is to stabilize those under your care, and if needed, ensure they can be transferred to proper medical facilities. You can treat most injuries that Aegis personnel are likely to see in their day-to-day work, including basic surgery to remove bullet shrapnel or to fix broken bones, but you are not trained in advanced medicine, and should transfer those patients to a proper medical bay for treatment. Some specialists may have more advanced medical training from other careers, or simple experience in the field, such care is beyond the scope of your duties, and the provided facilities in the Security Department are not equipped for those operations. Furthermore, while Aegis does not discourage personnel from going above the call of duty, doing so in a medical capacity may open you up to personal liability for any grievance your extra care may cause, whether from patients who did not receive adequate care, or from other Medical staff who may feel your actions impinged upon their duties prescribed by your ship’s Agreement.
  • Your duty is to provide care for Aegis personnel, and prisoners under their care, in that order. While you may offer or be asked to provide care for those outside of Aegis, especially during emergencies, it is not a part of your duties, and Aegis does not expect you to assist non-company personnel unless you have been directly ordered to do so by your Gunnery Sergeant, Commander, or the Captain of your vessel.
  • While officially the duties of Medic and Forensic Tech are treated equally in regards to importance while on shift, and you must be prepared to do either job. The simple reality is that, due to the emergency nature of medical calls, you must always be ready to drop whatever you are doing to attend to one at a moment’s notice.


As stated above, you have two duties. You are Aegis Security’s personal Medic, and a trained Forensic Technician. Officially both of these disciplines are treated with equal importance, however medical emergencies within Aegis or the prisoners in their care must always take precedence over forensic duties.

As such, you should always be ready to drop everything to attend to an injured officer, but if there are no emergencies, you can expect to spend time processing evidence gathered by the inspectors, or perhaps even gathering that evidence yourself.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Guide to Medicine and the Guide to Surgery. These guides are written with doctors working for Lazarus in mind, and thus contain far more advanced procedures than you are trained or equipped to perform, but are an important source of information for the wide variety of injuries you are likely to face.
  • You can expect to be dealing with trauma from operatives or prisoners getting into fights with either the crew, or hostile fauna.
  • The treatment room has a fully equipped surgery table and scanner along with Medical Kits, spare blood bags and Anesthetics. You will mostly do autopsies there, but do not hesitate to perform life-saving surgeries if need be (though Medbay is always preferable).
  • You should always keep a Medical Kit on your person along with a Health Analyzer. You can find both in the treatment room. You can also find a medical belt in your locker, it is recommended you fill this with supplies that you’ll need fast, like inaprovaline to stabilize, and bandages to stop bleeding.
  • Use the Body Scanner in the treatment room to check for internal injuries like organ damage, broken bones, infections, and embedded shrapnel.

Forensic Tech

When you aren’t attending to medical duties, you can help the Inspector by gathering and processing evidence. While you are equal in rank, when it comes to processing crime scenes or investigating crimes, you should always follow their lead, as doing so is their primary duty.

There are few important machines in your laboratory office:

  • High Powered Electron Microscope - it's used for a lot of things, like inspecting fiber clues and fingerprints.
  • DNA Analyzer: Used to determine DNA of the blood samples
  • Database computer: It lists records of all the ship's personnel, including their job, blood type, DNA and fingerprints.

Forensics Kit
This is your primary tool of the trade. Your office lab has a few more in the lockers. The Forensics kit includes the following:

  • Swab kits: You can use them on items to collect blood samples and on hands of possible perpetrators to collect GSR (Gunshot Residue) samples. Running blood sample through DNA Analyzer in your office, will give you the DNA string of the person that misplaced their blood. You can find person by DNA using your database computer. Inspecting GSR Sample under the microscope, will tell you whether or not the tested person fired a firearm.
  • Fingerprint cards: They're used to collect fingerprints from people, for various reasons. Their head might be missing, and you can use collected fingerprints to ID them (using database computer). Or maybe there's a person who is not in the records at all, you can then create record and add the fingerprint to it.
  • Luminol bottle + UV light: Detect washed away blood
  • Fiber collection kit: Use it to collect fibers from items, doors and such. Collected evidence will appear in a fiber bag, check the bag under your microscope, to get more precise results.
  • Fingerprint collection kit: Like one above, but for fingerprints. Use on objects or items, then put the card under the microscope to get the fingerprint string. Run it through database. You got your perp.

General Tips

Regardless of which hat you’re wearing currently, here’s some things to keep in mind:

  • Mental Health. Being a member of Aegis is incredibly taxing on one's psyche. While you are not a psychiatrist, you should be on the lookout for signs of stress and burnout in both yourself and your comrades. Do not be afraid to refer them to a psychiatrist for evaluation or treatment if you feel it would help.
  • Enforcement Guide. While not complete yet. The Aegis Enforcement Guide is a valuable resource for all Aegis personnel with valuable information.
  • You are not an Operative. You are not meant to engage criminals unless it's really necessary. Your weapons are for self defense, and you are not armored either; you gonna die quickly in a firefight.
  • You are not a Doctor. It bears repeating again, regardless of what knowledge you may have picked up in your past or in the field, Aegis has not hired you to be a doctor. You’re a medic, meant to keep personnel who find themselves in direct harm frequently alive and in the fight. You have expanded access to medbay to facilitate emergencies, but that does not mean you belong there, and you should -always- defer to medical staff. You may offer to help, or they may ask, but you should never assume that your help is needed or welcome. This also extends to the equipment in medbay, the medicine and equipment there belongs to the Lazarus Foundation. You may purchase the equipment from Lazarus, or they may give it to you for use, but they are not required to. If you find yourself short on supplies and Lazarus is being uncooperative, seek out the Children of Mekhane, as they can produce replacement medkits.
  • Suit Sensors Monitoring. This program is available to you on any tablet or laptop (available in Loadout options in Character Setup). It allows you to monitor the health of your charges remotely, and locate any operatives that might be in trouble.

List of Roles
Positions on NEV Northern Light
Captain's Crew Aegis Lazarus Sci Lazarus Med Engineering Free Trade Union Children of Mekhane
Captain Aegis
Science Officer
Medical Officer
Gunnery Sergeant
Engineer Union
Bridge Officer Aegis
Medical Specialist