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The Lazarus Foundation

Symbol of the Lazarus Foundation

Who Are They?

The Lazarus Foundation (often referred to simply as Lazarus) is one of the smallest corporations operating in SolGov space but with a big and recognisable name. Started as a research and development thinktank by a handful of wealthy scientists and businesspeople, Lazarus quickly pushed the boundaries of science beyond what was previously considered possible. Their work is primarily focused around the biological sciences, from genetic manipulation to the augmentation of organics with machines, but they do not limit their employees, and Lazarus employees are renowned in almost every field of science.

What Do They Want?

The Foundation has two primary goals that drive every decision they make. The first is to push the boundaries of galactic knowledge. And the second is to make sure The Foundation profits handsomely from those advances. These mission statements have made Lazarus one of the most profitable corps in the known galaxy. They are also extremely protective of their patents and intellectual property, and are not afraid to defend what they view as their monopoly on the scientific fields in either the courts, or the battlefields.

How Does One Join?

The Lazarus Foundation bills itself as “The purest meritocracy in the galaxy” where anyone, regardless of birth, can find riches and greatness through their cleverness and out-of-the-box thinking. In truth, it is never that simple. While it is true that the Lazarus board of directors is made up almost exclusively of scientists that are all renowned experts in their fields that even common folk recognize the names of, who gets the credit for an advancement is more important than who actually did the work. This means that while Lazarus presents a face of this body of scientists working together to better the galaxy, their internal structure is riddled with sabotage, back-stabbing, nepotism, and stolen dreams sold to the one with the least scruples. If you’re willing to steal from your grandmother to better yourself, you’ll go far here.

Why Are They On The NEV "Northern Light?"

The Lazarus Foundation is a major financier of the Northern Light Expedition. For decades, Lazarus has chafed under the direct and intense scrutiny of SolGov regulatory boards and commissions signed with the express intent to curtail Lazarus’ addiction to scientific advancement at any cost. When they were approached by NanoTrasen to join the expedition, they jumped at the chance to create and operate a lab far outside of SolGov’s reach and scrutiny.

The Lazarus board accepted the few limitations on their research begrudgingly, but managed to barter several concessions in return for agreeing to operate the ship’s medical department. This means that while NanoTrasen officially owns the Northern Light, Lazarus got the biggest bedroom, and has very wide reaching freedoms on what they may do aboard.

In addition to the board’s enthusiasm for this voyage, the Lazarus Foundation might be the only corporation aboard that was very careful about who they selected for this voyage. Opportunities to operate outside of SolGov’s oppressive gaze are becoming fewer and further between each year, and Lazarus made sure to capitalize on this opportunity by selecting only their best and brightest scientists. Of course, to Lazarus, “best and brightest meant they specifically screened for candidates who met a strict criteria of being both incredibly intelligent and hardy(read: Morally bankrupt) enough to push the boundaries of science, and expendable enough that should they perish, it would not harm the company too badly.

What Does Lazarus Think About The Other Corporations?

While the Lazarus Foundation couldn’t care less about what others think of them, they have their own opinions about those who share the ship with them:

Aegis Security Solutions: Jackbooted thugs and idiots, but useful idiots, wave some credits or a shiny laser rifle their way, and you can have a personal army for a day to keep the rabble out of the labs. Keep them at arms length though, some of their brutes haven’t evolved past having a conscience yet.
The Children of Mekhane: Hypocrites who hide and obfuscate their technology behind voodoo magic babble and drug and alcohol fuelled orgies. They scoff at us for protecting our patent rights, but go ahead and ask them how their tech works, bet you a hundred credits they say “Mekhane works in mysterious ways.”
The Free Trade Union: Science requires material, and the Union provides. This is a happy, symbiotic relationship, they do the dull manual labour, we do the important science, and everyone profits!
NanoTrasen: Publicly allies, behind closed doors, fuck em, they try to take our patents after we’ve done all the work! Don’t get the wrong idea though, this arrangement is purely business, we paid a lot of money to get out here, and we intend to scrape every penny back, with interest, of course. The agreement we signed is mutually beneficial and we plan to keep it that way.