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Important Note

Agreement Amendment X.1 "Cessation of Imprisonment and Department Deferred Fines" has been ratified. As part of this amendment, the criminal code has been altered to reflect the new punishment structure implemented.

Due Process

  Due Process
Search Warrants

1. On Code Green, a search warrant is required to lawfully search any crew member's person, belongings, or a department.
2. Search Warrants are not required regarding department property if a suitable department head gives consent.

     a. Example. A Medical Doctor does not want his locker searched in Medbay. The Chief Medical Officer may give consent for the Doctor's locker to be searched. If the CMO denies consent, then a Search Warrant is still required.
     b. Who can sign a search warrant:
        I. The Captain, First Officer, Aegis Lieutenant, Aegis Sergeant or Aegis Inspector
           I. The Captain or First Officer should stamp for a departmental search.
     c. A copy of the Warrant should be available upon request

Arrest Warrants

3. Arrest Warrants must be issued in order to detain any individual on the ship unless the officer in question has witnessed a crime.

   a. Only the Captain, First Officer, Aegis Lieutenant, Aegis Sergeant or Aegis Inspector may issue an Arrest Warrant.

Exceptions to Warrants
4. If waiting for a warrant would cause further hazard to the ship or personnel, then a warrant may be approved and presented after the arrest if deemed necessary.
5. Searches of public areas or of arrested individuals does not require a warrant or authorization.

Courtroom Guidelines

  • Appropriate Crimes for Criminal Trials
    • Any 3XX may be challenged by the accused to be fought in a court setting.
    • ALL 4XX crimes should be proven in a court setting if the situation permits.
  • Court Staffing Protocol
    • The Captain shall act as the Judge.
      • If no Captain is available, the First Officer may act as judge.
      • In the event the Captain holds a special interest in the outcome of the trial, the Captain shall make a reasonable effort to eliminate that interest for the duration of the trial, or elect someone else to preside over the trial if that is not possible.
    • A Bridge Officer shall act as Prosecution.
      • If no Bridge Officer is available, the following roles may act as prosecution, in order: Aegis Inspector, Aegis Gunnery Sargent, Aegis Commander, and Aegis Operative.
    • The accused may choose who defends them. Otherwise, the Union Merchant shall act as a "Public Defender." The Merchant may charge for this service.
    • A tribunal of three volunteers unrelated to the crime shall serve as jury.
      • Both the Defense and Prosecution may, for any reason, forbid a person from serving on this jury.
      • If there are not enough suitable or willing candidates to form a three person jury, the Captain shall serve as both Judge and Jury.

3. No personnel shall be permitted to remain armed in the courtroom, except for Aegis Personnel, The Captain and the First Officer. Aegis Security is charged with ensuring all court-goers are unarmed. Searches are authorized without a warrant for anyone attempting to enter the court, with exception to those authorized.

   a. Any Weapons presented as Evidence should be secured and unloaded.

4. While this is the standard courtroom procedure; the Captain may modify this procedure at any point prior to the start of the court session.

Criminal Code

Crimes as organized under Criminal Codes range from 0XX to 4XX in terms of severity. In order to ensure fairness in sentencing there are restrictions on what an arrestee may be charged with. In general, 1XX has a maximum of 10 minute confinment, 2XX has 15, 3XX has 20 and 4XX is reserved for permanent confinement or execution worthy crimes. A handful of exceptions to these exist. Fines are to be handled by Operative discretion within the maximum limits. Consider the CC punishments as a reference and a guide.

Crime Stacking is forbidden. Crimes of the same code level (103 Resisting Arrest & 303 Assault on an Officer) cannot be stacked with one another whatsoever. Pick one based on the severity of the crime.
Multiple Counts You may not charge someone with the same crime multiple times in one sentence. Even if someone is in possession of multiple drugs, they may only be charged with one count.
Fines: May be handled at the discretion of the arresting officer upto their maximum and are to be turned over to the Lieutenant. Any 3XX Fine is handled as a probationary release with a tracking implant as a requirement.
Exempt Clause: The Captain of the vessel is exempt from certain portions of the The Agreement. While NanoTrasen owns the ship, it is entrusted to the Captain during its operation. He or she may not be fined or confined for any 0XX-2XX crime, with exception to any sexual or violent crimes.

Capital Crimes: For any crimes where the punishment dealt is execution, permanent imprisonment, or demotion, a mandatory report must be filed and submitted to the convicted person's hiring corporation by fax for review. That corporation will review the case and determine if further action is required, up to and including permanent purging of cloning data."

Controlled Substances/Equipment

  Controlled Substances/Equipment
Controlled items are any substance/equipment that has been prohibited on board the vessel, “NEV Northern Light.” The current list of controlled items is as follows:

Controlled Items are items that have been restricted or made illegal by the Sol Central Government. The current list of controlled items is as follows:

  • "Loyalty" Implants, or any other technology designed to alter behavior involuntarily to produce obedience. Aegis and Lazarus are the only departments allowed to maintain a stock of implants (Death Alarm, Tracking, Drug Monitoring.)
  • Biological or Chemical Weapons, such as engineered viruses outside of the virology laboratory. Phoron gas is considered a chemical weapon when used offensively.
  • Military Explosives when not in use by the Military, Aegis, or Toxins researchers. Note that constructive explosives, such as any charges used for mining are not subject to this restriction. Phoron-based explosives are considered military weapons.
  • Explosive weapons such as grenade launchers, rocket launchers, grenades, or flame throwers. Aegis is not subject to these restrictions.
  • Weaponry in the possession of personnel who have had their authorization revoked.
  • Hacking software or tools which allows a person to subvert access to ship systems, bypass access restrictions or attack a vessels computer network.
  • Subversive/Clandestine technology. This includes communications uplinks (traitor uplinks), chameleon devices, impersonation tools, spying equipment, et cetera.

Any item not on this list may be declared contraband by signed order of the Captain or Aegis Commander if it is being used in a manner deemed unsafe.

Quick Reference



Code Title Description Penalty
001 Unwanted Phys Contact/Verbal Threats Unwanted touching/shoving/dragging. Verbally threatening someone with harm or retribution. Officer's may use their discreation what counts as a legitimate threat. Verbal Warning. If repeated written warning. Further Offenses may be fined upto ₡800.
004 Creating a Workplace Hazard Create a serious workplace hazard through either direct negligent actions or failure to act. Hazard must be great enough to have potential to cause serious damage to the vessel or serious injury. Verbal or written warning based on severity and if this is a repeat offense. If severe enough fines upto ₡800.
007 Defacing Property Defacing, spray painting, littering your junk where it doesn't belong, and drawing on the floor with crayons and chanting in some weird language like you're three years old with your hood on, are examples of defacing property. If damage is caused, reference CC107. Written warning and/or Fine Maximum of ₡800. Perpetrator is to be made to clean the mess otherwise reference CC103.
009 Unwanted Sexual Content Sending unwanted sexual content or images to another person. Maximum fine of ₡2000. If this occurs towards the same victim(s) 3 times, upgrade to CC109.
018 Insubordination Disobeying orders from superiors/supervisors without legitimate cause. Legitimate causes may include that the order is unsafe or unlawful. Charge may be issued by a head of staff to a direct subordinate. May result in disciplinary action or demotion. Repeat offenders may be terminated from that position. Aegis Staff are expected to assist the head of of staff in carrying out disciplinary action.
019 Petty Theft Theft of low-value or non-critical items, stolen items are to be returned to the victim or department if possible post-arrest. Returning of the items & fine of ₡500. 3rd time offenders are upgraded to CC119.
020 Failure to Pay Fine Failure to render payment for a fine charge to you by Aegis personnel in a designated or timely manner. If immediate payment is unable or unwilling to be rendered, they are to be offered a work-release option or have wages garnished until payment is complete. See Parole modifier.

Minor Crimes

Code Title Description Penalty
101 Physical Threat/Battery Assault with minor or no injuries. Minimum Warning if victim does not want charges pressed. Maximum fine of ₡500.
103 Resisting Arrest/Impeding an Officer Non-Violently resisting an arrest (Fleeing) or assisting someone in doing so. Maximum fine of ₡500.
104 Endangerment Recklessly put others in danger, either through direct negligent action or failure to act. Good examples of this crime involve accidentally causing a plasma leak, electrifying doors, breaking windows to space or causing a slipping hazard. Security personnel not keeping their equipment secure. Written warning, Maximum fine of ₡2000. Take into consideration the type and extent of endangerment when deciding on fines.
106 Trespassing Being in an area without authorization. Minimum Warning, Maximum fine of ₡800.
107 Vandalism Damaging furniture, smashing windows, damaging or maliciously tinkering with bots, generally being a vandal. Minimum Warning and confiscating of any vandalism materials (I.E. Paint.) Maximum fines of up to ₡700.
108 Hooliganism Belligerent drunkenness, disorderly shouting, or aggressive assembly. Note: Does not refer to general drunkenness. Max fine of ₡300.
109 Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexually charged jokes, aggressively hitting on someone, sending illicit and unwelcome photos of oneself to another person. Minimum warning. Maximum fine of ₡500.
110 Animal Cruelty Malicious and intentional unnecessary harm to animals on the ship. Does not include butchering or for approved research projects. Minimum Warning, Maximum fine of ₡1000. Psychological review recommended.
111 Cruelty and Maltreatment Maltreatment, cruelty, or oppression of an individual as their superior or as someone with authority over that individual. Mainly refers to security staff utilizing excessive force and improper punishment, although also for Officers who abuse their power for favors, promotion, or intimidation. Does not refer to employment disciplinary action. If deemed appropriate consider personnel review, disciplinary action or firing. Maximum fine of ₡600.
112 Indecent Exposure Streaking, illicit and unwanted photos sent to non-consenting individuals, flashing, exposing indecent photos of others without consent. Maximum fine of ₡300 with required psychological review.
117 Abuse of Ship Comms Misusing/abuse of departmental and general comms. Maximum Fine of ₡500 and temporary revocation of communications use.
118 Dereliction of Duty Disciplinary action or demotion is often included in the sentence. An operative taking a break is not dereliction of duty. An operative taking a break knowing that hostiles are shooting up the Captain is. Engineers who do not secure a power source at the start of the shift and medical staff who abandon their duties fall under this code. Minimum written warning, 3 written warnings may result in a termination. Maximum fine of ₡500.
119 Theft To steal an individual's items directly from the victim. Stolen items are to be returned to the victim if possible post-arrest. Maximum fine of ₡1000. Fine may be doubled if stolen items are unable to be returned.

Standard Crimes

Code Title Description Penalty
201 Assault Use of force resulting in bodily harm that requires minor medical care. Maximum Fine of ₡800.
203 Resisting with Violence Resisting arrest by fighting, incapacitating, or otherwise violently attempting to escape arrest without causing more than minor bodily harm. If only charge, maximum fine of ₡800. If not the only charge add maximum of ₡300 to total fine.
204 Negligent Injury/Damage To endanger your colleagues, crew, or the ship through negligent or irresponsible, but not deliberately malicious actions. Good examples of this crime involve accidentally causing a plasma leak, electrifying doors, breaking windows into space or causing a slipping hazard. Aegis personnel not keeping their equipment secure falls under this as well. Significant damage or injury must result from this to be applicable. Retraining Required. Maximum Fine of ₡1000.
206 Breaking & Entering Breaking into an area without authorization. Maximum fine of ₡800.
207 Arson Purposely or negligently causing a fire to break out on the vessel. Maximum ₡1500 fine.
214 Possession of Controlled Equipment / Substance To wrongfully possess or manufacture any controlled weapon or item. Maximum ₡1500 fine.
215 Robbery with a Weapon To steal an individual's items directly from the victim with the threat of a weapon. Stolen items are to be returned to the victim if possible post-arrest. Maximum fine of ₡1200. Revocation of Weapon Permit.
216 Abuse of Confiscated Equipment To take and use confiscated contraband for any use without approval from the Aegis Lieutenant or appropriate member of command staff. Maximum Fine of ₡800. Further disciplinary action at discretion of Department Head.
218 Malicious Dereliction of Duty To willfully abandon an obligation critical to the ships continued operation. Examples: Engineers ignoring a supermatter delamination, medical staff quitting/refusing to do their job when they are needed, et cetera. Maximum Fine of ₡3000.
219 Property Theft To take the property of another individual, organization, or common property, without consent and with the intent to deprive the rightful owner. Maximum fine of ₡1200.
220 Destruction Conspiracy to cause or causing destruction on a moderate scale to a department on the ship. Maximum fine of ₡3000. Review of employment eligibility.
222 Possession of Explosives Unauthorized Possession of Explosives on the Ship Minimum confiscation and warning. Maximum fine of ₡1500. What kind of explosives and why they have them should weigh heavily in punishment decision. Did a miner forget he had mining charges on him from work compared to a medical doctor with plastic explosives as an example.

Major Crimes

Code Title Description Penalty
301 Assault with Serious Harm Use of force without a weapon resulting in severe bodily harm that requires serious medical care or surgery. Cannot stack with 302. Maximum fine of ₡3000.
302 Aggravated Assault Use of force with a weapon that results in either attempted harm or resulted in bodily harm. Cannot stack with 301. Maximum Fine of ₡3000. Confiscation of all weapons and revocation of the right to carry.
303 Assault on an Officer Inflicting bodily harm on a Security Officer. Maximum fine of ₡4000.
304 Manslaughter Unintentionally cause the death of someone through negligent, non malicious actions or self-defense. If Self Defense, psychological evaluation. Maximum Fine of ₡8000.
305 Kidnapping To unlawfully take, transport, confine, and/or take hostage of an unwilling individual. Maximum Fine of ₡8000.
306 Breaking and Entering of a Restricted Area Breaking or sneaking into a restricted area without prior authorization. This includes any high security area such as the bridge, armory, brig, AI chamber or any other area deemed as high security. Disciplinary Action. Maximum Fine of ₡2000.
314 Distribution of Controlled Equipment / Substance To wrongfully possess and/or manufacture any controlled weapon or item with intent to distribute. Maximum fine of ₡6000. Confiscation of contraband.
319 Grand Theft To steal items of high value or sensitive nature from either an area or person. Maintenance Access as well as access to any secure areas they may have is to be removed. Maximum Fine of ₡6000.
320 Sabotage To critically hinder the work/function of the vessel through malicious actions or subversive activities. Such as destroying/damaging SMES. Unauthorized AI modification, et cetera. Maximum fine of ₡6000.
323 Inciting a Riot Inspiring, causing, and/or leading a riot. Maximum fine of ₡4000 plus damages.

Capital Crimes

Code Title Description Penalty
(-) OOC NOTE These are serious offenses that your character would need VERY good motivators/reason to commit, as getting caught would be life altering or ending. Some these are self-antaggy actions which without reasonable RP to justify these actions, may invoke admin intervention, See Self-Antag for more information. ALL Capital crimes are candidates for execution. Per server rules, a player may ask for an execution in LOOC as an alternative to Permabrig.
401 Murder Maliciously causing the death of an individual, the attempt to cause the death of an individual or conspiracy to such. Brig until trial. If convicted, permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
404 Booby-Trapping Intentionally creating traps and dangers for crew members to fall victim to. Minimum confinement of 15 minutes, Maximum of 20. Notify NanoTrasen.
409 Sexual Assault Sexually interacting with another individual without consent, or conspiracy to such. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
419 Espionage Theft Theft of valuable item(s) or sensitive information with intent to provide it to factions outside of NanoTrasen or to her enemies, or conspiracy to such. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
420 Grand Sabotage To engage in maliciously destructive actions, seriously threatening crew or ship. Examples include intentionally causing a supermatter delamination, intentionally igniting phoron leaks, and destroying important machinery. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
423 Mutiny Inciting, leading or otherwise performing actions that lead to a crew mutiny, or conspiracy to such. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
424 Enemy of NanoTrasen To act as, or knowingly aid, an enemy of NanoTrasen. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.
425 Grand Theft Ship An unauthorized member of the crew that gains flight control of a ship and acts upon it or conspiracy to gain access to flight controls. Permabrig. Notify NanoTrasen.

Exceptions & Modifiers

Exceptions & Modifiers Description Modification
Self Defense The protection of oneself, colleagues, and the workplace. Note that seeking out fights and conflict in retaliation or as retribution is an act of vigilantism, which is not permitted. Immediate Release.
Cooperation with Prosecution or Security Being helpful to security, revealing things during questioning, revealing evidence, providing names of co-conspirators etc. Must be of their own accord. Consider lower or waiving fines. -25% to sentence time.

In the case of revealing someone who requested or commissioned a 4XX Crime, remove half of the sentence time or consider immediate release.

Surrender Coming to the brig, confessing to your crimes and taking the punishment. Doesn't include not resisting an arrest you must at minimum report to the nearest officer or the brig and turn yourself in. -25% to sentence time.
Immediate Threat to Prisoner Extraordinary threat to life present in the brig that endangers prisoners. Officer must relocate the prisoner(s) to a safe location; otherwise immediately release unless a 3XX or 4XX prisoner.
Self-Evacuate from Brig If a prisoner flees confinement for any reason other than to escape; such as impending lethal danger (fire; hull breach, murder), reset their timer to the remainder of the original punishment from the time of incident. Reset Timer, 2XX or lower crimes with less than 10 minutes remaining should be immediately released.
Medical Attention Prisoners are entitled to medical attention if sick or injured. Medical procedures can be handled by an Aegis Specialist. If one is not available medical staff should be brought to the brig. Any confinement timers should continue to run during this time unless it is a 3XX or greater crime.
NanoTrasen Directive Communication from NanoTrasen to pardon an offender. Immediate Release.
Parole Work-Release from Perma-Brig. Monitored Release. Prisoner is required to have their suit sensors on full and receive a tracking implant.
Refusing to Cooperate Being maliciously uncooperative with security questioning, aka lying to and misleading security. This does not include declining to answer questions. This also does not include Resisting Arrest, see CC103. 25% Additional time to sentance.
Prison Break Attempting to or breaking out of the brig or Perma-brig without just cause. Time reset to original charge.
Assault/Self-Harm While Confined If a prisoner attempt to harm themselves or others while confined. Straight Jacket or Electro-vest for self harm up to discretion of security. +5 Minutes to Confinement. Contact medical for a psych-evaluation.
Sparking a Manhunt In addition to Resisting Arrest, a prisoner that must be chased for at least 10 minutes after an arrest is attempted can have their sentence increased. Sparking a manhunt does not mean fleeing but escaping initial arrest attempt. 25% increase to timer.
Aiding and Abetting. Knowingly assisting a criminal is a crime. This includes but is not limited to: Interfering with an arrest, stealing a prisoner in transit, breaking a prisoner out of the brig/prison; hiding a fugitive; providing medical care without reporting the suspect to security. If the aid is give under duress or threat, it is not aiding and abetting. The same sentence as the original criminal.