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Congratulations! You have been granted the luxury to voyage into the unknown on the NEV Northern Light, one of NanoTrasen's newly refurbished state-of-the-art exploration and scientific survey vessels. Whether you're a NanoTrasen crew member, a disciple of Mekhane, an Aegis Merc, a Free Trade swabbie or a Lazarus Doctor, welcome!

Not every system is fully tested or optimized... and there are some unexplored deckspaces that we didn't have time to clear out. There's also a very minor roach problem, but that's nothing that will interfere with your mission.

Speaking of your mission, you are intrepid explorers! Your duty out here in the black is to survey and catalogue anomalies and planets for further exploitation. Land on new planets, explore abandoned structures, and most importantly take mineral samples for profit and Research and Development and secure valuable technologies and salvage.

Now, this mission lies deep in wild space, far beyond the borders of the known star nations, where rival corporations vie for strategic resources. You're going to be mostly alone out there.This space is dangerous, full of pirates and hazards and anomalies unknown. Not every planet will be uninhabited, not every alien lifeform will be friendly, so guard yourselves well!

And remember, this ship is your lifeline; if you abandon it, there's no telling what could happen to you, or the crew that're left behind in cryostasis. And if you abandon it and get back to secure space, there's no telling what NanoTrasen might do to you for losing one of their prized vessels.

This is your home for the foreseeable future. Don't let them take it, even over your dead bodies.


The background provided isn't nearly complete nor should it ever be. Significant portions of information are hidden across the game itself, and a player should search for more to receive more.

Date Description

1 Jan, 2320

The NEV "Northern Light" leaves drydock to commence its voyage into unknown space three weeks ahead of schedule. Complaints from SolGov inspectors that the deadline was pushed up in order to avoid mandatory inspections fall on deaf ears as the populace celebrates this remarkable feat of engineering and corporate cooperation.


The Current Year

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