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Guide to the Church of Mekhane

Summary of Mekhanism

The Children of Mekhane (also known as Mekhanites or simply The Children) are a new-age religious organization based on the principles of both human and alien spiritual teachings, improvements upon nature’s designs and spiritual unification through the advancement of technology. For the complete lore see: Mekhane Lore

Mekhanite Equipment

These are the basic tools used by the Children of Mekhane.

Item Description


Cruciform - Cornerstone of Mekhanism, it is necessary to revive believers and to use litanies from the Ritual Book. It violently detaches all augments and prosthetics from a body when implanted and activated. Baptizing Changelings gibs them. Removing the cruciform causes the wearer to instantly die. The common cruciform has: 50 energy, Preacher cruciform has: 80 energy, and Inquisitor cruciform has: 100 energy.


Ritual Knife - A decorative knife to use with any rituals you may want it for, or in a pinch, can be used to defend yourself or the church. [Currently has no mechanical use beyond being a knife].

Cahorbarrel.png Cahorbottle.png

Cahors - church wine. The most effective anti-toxin on the whole ship but in limited quantities. Can be purchased in TheoMat, or be found inside cahor barrel at the ritual room.

Image not found.

Biomass - Organic matter, broken down and refined into a malleable genteic sludge, ready to be recombined into everything from clothing to a whole human (or alien) body. This isthe Children of Mekhane's most valuable resource that they produce, and is a vital component of nearly everything they do.

Mekhanite Machinery

The machinery that allows the Children of Mekhane to provide for those in need.

Machine Description
Biomatter tank large.png Biomatter Tank - Used to store biomatter created from the bioreactor. With these tanks you may turn the biomatter into biomass for use of the printer, or use the biomatter to fuel the biogenerator and fill the bio container for cloning purposes.
Theomat.png TheoMat - This will sell you everything you need to worship Mekhane. Bible.png - 500 credits. Cahorbottle.png - 200 credits. And candles for 200 credits. Hides inside it some Cruciform.png if you hack it.
Nt obelisk.gif Obelisk - This Obelisk will only activate when those with Cruciforms are within the room or nearby. It will eliminate roaches and spiders for use as biofuel. [Editor Note: Verify what other mobs are killed]
Church Sorter.png Sorter - This machine, when properly set up, will allow you to filter out items corpses and items containing biomatter sending them to the reactor, while anything else gets sent to the Recycler.
Nt bioreactor.png Bioreactor - This machine allows you to dissolve anything organic and turn it into biomatter. This biomatter can be used to create NT specific items using the bioprinter, fill the biomass container for resurrections or power the biogenerator.
Nt biogenerator.png Biogenerator - Use biomatter created from the bioreactor to power the chapel separately from the main power grid, or if you're benevolent enough, power the ship with the biomass from the creatures found in maintenance.
Nt solidifier.gif Solidifier - Use this machine, located upper left of the Bioreactor room, to turn the liquid biomatter into solid biomass to be used in the bioprinter. How to use; Simply bring over a canister, place it on the tile below the solidifier and click+drag the canister towards the solidifier. When finished, click+drag the canister onto the solidifier again to disconnect it.
Nt bioprinter.png Bioprinter - Used to craft Mekhanite related items with disks. It is an advanced autolathe for followers that combines biomass and raw materials to create items.
Image not found. Eye of the Protector - a state of the art, heavily encrypted, blockchain communication device, connecting different distant chapters of The Children into the singular network. This device is used to distribute goods between chapters, and will occasionally provide useful items and materials to the faithful

Setting up the Sorter

In order to produce biomass most effectively, you will need to setup up the sorter to filter corpses that are sent through the disposal system. At the beginning of each shift, the sorter will have a default option enabled to send any item containing biomatter out the West output. This will capture most items, however corpses are not read properly by the sorter. At the beginning of each shift, it is recommended to add two extra rules to the sorter. The instructions are as follows:

  • Open the sorter's interface
  • Select "Rules Config"
  • Select the following options:
    • Sort How: Accept
    • Sort by: Name
    • Sort what: Roach
    • Sort by amount: 1
  • Select "Add this rule"
  • Repeat these steps again, but replace "Roach" with "Spider" under Sort what.

These options will ensure that any roach or spider corpses sent through disposals are sent into the Bioreactor room for processing into biomass.

Using the Bioreactor

The Bioreactor is used to turn all organic items and things into biomatter, this includes dead bodies, clothing, armor, and critters such as roaches and spiders. The conveyor is linked to Cargo's disposal system and a biomatter sorter will determine what can be used, and will filter it into the bioreactor platform. The input machine left of the console will determine what is accepted into the bioreactor, and what is not.

Will turn all organic things into biomatter.

This guide will explain how to use the great bioreactor.

1. Use the option "Toggle Chamber Doors" to open the doors for the bioreactor.

2. Place whatever organic items you have within the glass (On the platform).

3. Use the option "Toggle Chamber Doors" to close the doors to the bioreactor.

4. Use the option "Engage Solution Pumps" to pump a solution into the chamber to dissolve the organic items into usable biomatter. The biomatter will be stored into the large tank to the right of the chamber.

Nt bioreactor full.pngNt bioreactor solution.png

5. The reactor console shows how much biomatter was collected, when you've collected enough, engage the solution pumps once more to pump out the solution from the chamber, any contents that can not be dissolved will be discarded just above the tank in their most basic form, ie: armor will give you steal sheets.

6. Walk towards the tank connected to the chamber and touch it. This will move the tank into a lower position, then wrench a large or medium biomatter canister to the tank. The tank will immediately begin filling the canister until it is either full or has no more biomatter in store. Use the console to check how much biomatter is left in the tank.

Nt bioreactor tankfilling.png

7. After your canister is filled, unwrench it from the tank and you may now use the biomatter in the canister for whatever you may need it for.

8. Touch the biomatter tank to return it to the upper position to begin the ritual to create biomatter once again.

Notes: Living beings will suffer as they are slowly dissolved into the chamber. It is not a quick death. Their brain will not be dissolved into biomatter. Any inorganic mass such as armor will have certain resources in it smelted and turned into sheets, which can be used in the bioprinter.

To prevent contamination of the biomatter, acolytes and acolytes must clean the pipes. Contamination risks ruining the biomatter. Please see cleaning the bioreactor below.

Biomass.png Bioreactor Maintenance


To prevent contamination of the reactor you must maintain the reactor, this includes cleaning the exposed pipes, repairing any form of damage, and overall keeping the reactor clean and in perfect condition.

The Pipes: They become exposed when the tank is in the lower position, so it is best to clean the pipes while you are filling a biomatter canister. Use a mop to clean the pipes.

Note: If the pipes are at the status of CONTAMINATED, they will throw out 3-4 items called 'solid biomass', these are toxic things and cleaning them up will do super toxins if you don't have equipment with bio-resist (luckily Acolyte, Agrolyte, and Custodian clothing and armour have excellent bio resistance).

The Reactor platform (vat): Use a mop on the glass to clean the dirty glass. It is best to clean when there is any sign of contamination.

Note: If all glass panes are dirty, you can not use the vat.

REPAIRS: In case of a structural failure of the Bioreactor (any part of it permanently destroyed), You will need the "Divine Guidance" and "Manifestation" rituals to reconstruct the destroyed components, [Warning: must be done on the exact tile you want the machine to be - it's immobile after construction).

In case of broken glass, you will need to click with 2 sheets of reinforced glass (metal rods + glass) on a "Bioreactor platform" tile (which is itself a machine, so if a platform is gone, you have to rebuild it first!).

Using the Biogenerator

Nt biogeneratorhow2.png

This excerpt will explain how to power the Biogenerator to power the chapel. First you must look to the top of the floor to your two SMES.' These two will receive power from the biogenerator and charge upon receiving power from it. When the biogenerator is running, it is best to check these two for charging and how much power it is outputting. The biogenerator will create 10kW from biomatter and takes it in at 2 u/s. So do not use canisters that have low biomatter as it would not be worth it.

The biogenerator will power the chapel, outside of the ship's grid. It may be necessary to power the chapel when the Engineers have failed in their job or someone has delaminated the Supermatter. This guide will explain how to power the Biogenerator.

  • Drag a large canister and wrench it onto the platform in the red square.
  • Turn on the valves in the green squares.

Note: What amount of units you set for the valves determines how fast or slow power is output.

  • Activate the console and select the option Activate Biogenerator
  • Biogenerator will start up and begin generating power.

At this time you want to check if the SMES outputs are on or not. If they are not on, the energy provided will charge the SMES' for future use, otherwise they will begin to power the chapel. If you do not want to waste biomatter because the engine is currently powering the chapel, simply turn the SMES output to "off" and the biogenerator will charge them for the future, when the engine is gone.

Biomass.png Biogenerator Maintenance


Nt biogeneratormaintenance.png

The components of the biogenerator will degrade during use, and will need cleaning (pipes), repairs (coil) and replacement (wires).

The Pipes: In order to clean pipes, you need to unscrew the connector port for the tank (highlighted in red). The tank needs to be detached first. Once the port is open, use soap (the more contaminated the pipes, the more times you will need to do it, until they're clean).

The Coil: The coil is located inside the upper part of the generator (highlighted in pink). You need to apply a screwdriver to open the hatch and expose the coil. When the coil is exposed, simply weld it (remember, Acolyte - your eyes are a gift from God! Respect it by wearing proper eye protection before welding!).

The Wires: The wires are contained within the lower part of the generator (highlighted in green). Once again, simply unscrew the cover. Then, you'll need to cut the old wires and apply a fresh batch.

Note: Do NOT unscrew the control console (middle piece of the entire biogenerator). If you apply a screwdriver and open the panel, the control console will cease to function, and will be inoperable (even if you close the panel back). If that happens, you need to apply crowbar (with the panel open) in order to deconstruct the machine. Then, you need to just put the circuitry and all other components back in, and apply screwdriver. The machine will be rebuilt.

Tips for Mekhanites as a whole

  • Litanies can be used without the Bible.png just say them.
  • Nonbelievers will very rarely convert to Mekhanism by themselves, you need to search interested ones and spread the word of Mekhane by either pamphlets or private messages. We don't recommend using the radio too much as Aegis may dislike that. Try to bring people to Church and tell them more about the religion to convert them, and don't be afraid to ask believers to help you with spreading the word, it helps to have someone who can be trusted to reassure the nonbelievers to convert. Then notify the preacher someone wishes to convert.
  • Remember to check the morgue as there could be weapons or useful items the church can use to benefit themselves, such as ID cards for better maintenance access or weapons to defend the chapel with.
  • The preacher is not a soldier, Acolytes and Agrolytes are always asked to be armed to defend the chapel and the preacher. Acolytes can perform the resurrection litanies, however the preacher is your leader. If the leader perishes, you may be lost in what to do.
  • Agrolytes can use the chapel's garden to grow plants. These plants can be used to sell to the club, or used as biofuel for the Bioreactor.
  • The Obelisks will eliminate any mobs hostile towards crew. They're only activated when someone with a cruciform is within the room.
  • The disposals system has a bio-sorter that stops corpses from going on into normal disposals, if you're ever in trouble or have to deliver a christian corpse, use disposals! It's a shortcut to the Chruch.

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