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For security reasons allow NO ONE ELSE in the Modification room besides your fellow scientists or the MEO. Simple as that. Ironhammer will most likely put a boot up your ass if they find you.

Now, let's get you acquainted with the DNA Scanner Access Consoles next to the monkeys. It has a few things of note. First of all, you're going to notice two clickable lines:

   Modify Unique Enzymes (UE) / Unique Identifiers (UI)
   Modify Structural Enzymes (SE) 

You might ask yourself: What does this mean?

   Unique Enzymes = just what identify who you are, your name. Even if you change them, it will have no effect. What does change stuff is you transfering them from one person to another, effectively changing their name.
   Unique Identifiers = merely your cosmetic details - eye color, skin color, hair style, hair color and gender. You don't really have to mess with any of these, and they are quite unimportant.
   Structural Enzymes = extremely important! They contain data relevant to your genetic structure. This governs your race, and messing with it carelessly might give you disabilities. For those that handle genes with care, however, great benefits are to be had. 

[3F3] [5B1] [4A7] [391] [7FF] [102] [07E] [7B9] [130] [230] [4E0] [552] [7A4] [715]

Structural Enzymes or SEs like this. Well, not exactly this, this is just an example. Everyone's SEs are individual. They might also just be a one long line instead of two, depends if you stretch your DNA Access Console screen window. The SEs consist of 42 characters which are divided into 14 sub-blocks, with 3 pieces each. Let's see what purpose these blocks and characters have.

Structural Enzymes - Powers, Disabilities & Species

There are 13 blocks which control disabilities or powers and one block which controls whether the subject is a human or a monkey. The string is in Hexadecimal - which means base 16 in math terms. It means a number can range from 0 - as normally, zero - to F - equivalent of 16 15. So, it can go like this, from lower to higher:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

That means that a result of F is higher than a result E. This is important, so remember this. "Keep this block below 8xx", means you have to keep the first sub-block in a block below 8, and the subsequent sub-blocks don't matter. "Keep that block above DAC", means that that block must have it's first sub-block equal to or higher than D, if it is equal, the second sub-block must be equal to or higher than A... and so forth.

The first number in each block is the most important one. It controls whether a disability is active or inactive, whether a power has a chance to activate or not, and the race of the subject.

Mutations and Their Consequences

Before we start splicing, you must know what possible monstrosities can be done to a human.

There are 4 blocks which contain SUPERPOWERS (these are the ones you want to find):

Name Power Visibility Alert
Telekinesis This power allows the subject to control things with their mind, from far away! It is the most sought after power, since it allows for incredible deeds, and makes a strong robuster nearly immortal. Appears as a blue glow around the subject's head. If you're the subject, you get a message saying "You feel smarter".
Hulk This is pretty obvious. Subject becomes extremely strong, enough to punch through reinforced walls, and is unable to speak without yelling. Subject turns green. "Your muscles hurt."
Cold Resistance This makes subject resistant to cold, including the freezing depths of space (they still have to wear internals, however). This will not make them immune to fire. Subject has a pulsating orange-blueish "aura". "Your body feels warm."
X-Ray Vision Also a very good power. Basically, it gives the subject the ability to see everything that is beyond their normal vision: walls, furniture, even other people! This, combined with Telekinesis, is a deadly combination. It's the hardest superpower to manifest. Subject's eyes "glow eerily" if looked at with a penlight. "The walls suddenly disappear."

However, there are 9 blocks which contain DISABILITIES you need to keep an eye out for:

Name Description Indicators
Nearsightedness Makes the subject's screen go hazy at about halfway from the edge of your whole vision. It's not THAT bad, and can be temporarily fixed by using prescription glasses. "Your eyes feel strange."
Epilepsy Subject starts to fall down and keeps shaking all the time. They're horrible, and there's no easy cure short of fixing the block. Subject falls down. "You get a headache."
Coughing Makes the subject drop small items you're holding, like syringes. Pretty harmless, but has potential to be extremely annoying. Subject coughs. "You start coughing."
Tourette's Syndrome The subject swears all the time. They may also experience paralysis that takes even longer than the seizures. Avoid. Subject curses out loudly and twitches. "You twitch."
Nervousness Makes the subject stammer. Annoying at best. Subject stammers when they speak. "You feel nervous."
Blindness Subject goes completely blind and are now a part of an usually forgotten minority, so sad. Subject's eyes don't react to penlight. "You can't seem to see anything."
Deafness Makes the subject deaf. Harmless at best, annoying at worst. Really, very easy to cure. You just don't hear anything, not even yourself. No problem - a simple application of a clean SE injection will fix you right up. "You can't seem to hear anything..."
Clumsiness Subject has a clown-like clumsiness. For those that have always wanted to be clowns. It makes the subject accidentally drop things they hold, unable to use tasers, handcuffs, guns exploding in their face etc. "You feel lightheaded."
Strangeness Makes the subject randomly mutate. Very dangerous. Definitely be careful with this one. Subject mutates on their own. "You feel strange."

IMPORTANT: There's also 1 special block which contains the info whether the subject is a human or a monkey!

Buffers and Injectors - Saving Your Work and Handing Out Godhood

   This is how you save your work. A very good Geneticist once said: Save early, save often. His words are true. You have to save your every step in order to acquire a perfect serum. That means you have to be patient enough to bending the block to your will, dedicated enough to remove every disability, and responsable enough to save everything to make sure nothing goes wrong. 
   In the main DNA Scanner Access Console screen, click Buffer Menu. This is your buffer screen. You will notice there are THREE buffers there. More than enough. Each buffer can save either an UI, or an UI+UE, or, more importantly, an SE. Generally speaking, you will only ever bother with the SE part.
       To save your work into a buffer, once your pod is occupied, simply click Save to Buffer. This will save the subjects Unique Enzymes, Unique Identifiers, and Structural Enzymes. You can make individual injectors of each of these, but not one with all. What you saved is now backed up by the console, and, if not overwritten, is now safe. Good stuff. You can relabel the buffer to make sure of what it is. For instance, calling your original test subject's SE something like "Clean Backup - Stevenson, F.", or calling an SE that has Hulk isolated something like "Hulk". Simple, but very helpful to not get lost.
       You can transfer a buffer's content into the pod's occupant, making it easier to transfer research data between subjects. Just stick a test subject in there, click Buffers, as usual, then click Occupant, right after Transfer To:.
       Make use of all three buffers. Assuming you have a human with clean SEs inside your pod, you can save his SE in the first buffer, and name it "Clean Backup". The last two buffers can be used to find powers. Say, once you find your first power, you save it to the second buffer. Once you get your second power working with the first, save it to the third buffer. Once you get the third power working with the others, overwrite the second buffer, since it is now irrelevant. Same thing with fourth power.
       Diskettes can use them to backup your work as well! With one in your hand, click the DNA Scanner Access Console. Now enter the Buffer screen. Click Save To in there to save the data to the diskette. If the diskette is not write-protected, the data is going in there! From the main screen, you can eject the disk from the console. You can also load data from a diskette much the same way. Except you click in Load From in the buffer screen, instead of Save To. 
   That covers buffers. But "what are injectors?" you may ask yourself. Well, injectors are tiny one-shot needles, that contain buffer data, whatever it may be. That means you can now turn that sweet, sweet Hulk buffer into a small, awesome, orange/red injector! Good stuff. To turn a buffer into an injector, simply click Injector in the options below the buffer in question, after "Transfer To:". A small needle will spawn on top of the DNA Scanner Access Console. You can now stick his baby in anyone who stands around for enough time.
       The DNA Scanner Access Console takes time to replicate an injector. Something like 90 seconds or close to it.
       Because of injectors, Geneticists are usually asked to give people superpowers. This is best judged by the Research Director, who is in charge of the research. If you want to be like Marvel and give everyone superpowers, be ready for Security Officers knocking on your door because nothing gets the station down like a herd of assistants with Hulk. So be ready to say "no" a lot. Usually the Geneticists are allowed to have powers, but note that if you run around the station while being a hulk, you're probably going to get a lot of attention from the security and be the prime suspect if (when) anything happens. Don't go on a killing/destroying rampage if you're a hulk, it is a bannable offense.
       Note: Admins have confirmed that if people inject themselves with a needle they found lying around that says "Godhood" on it without even asking what is in it, you will NOT get punished by turning them into monkeys. Wink wink. Just make sure to answer truthfully if asked, and not to inject it yourself. If people are stupid enough to inject themselves with unknown content, let them. 

Manhandling Genes!

This guide here shows you step by step how to find the powers from the mysterious blocks!

Genes are distorted and twisted by shooting them with radiation. This can be done with the DNA Scanner Access Console and the computer in your lab. First Steps

This guide will start with using a monkey, because they're in the pen for a reason. Keep in mind, though, that this is not the only way. You could use a real life human being for this instead of a monkey, (but be sure that they're willing to give their body to science) but usually monkey's are used to we're using a monkey in this guide.

   Start by taking a monkey from the pen. Knock them out if they're not willing to cooperate. 
   Shove them into a DNA Scanner next to the pen. 
   Check the computer next to it, you'll see a bunch of information. Find Structural Enzymes and try to not confuse them with the other enzyme blocks above. 

At the start of the shift no one has any idea which structural block is which. They're all randomized. This is why we must do science, experimentation: Humanizing a Monkey + Making a 'Clean SE'

Changing the monkey into a human should be the first thing you do, because it is by far the easiest block to spot! It's the only one with the value higher than 800.

   Write yourself a note containing a list of 14 blocks. You already know the species block, write it down so you remember it.
   Decide whether you're going to go from lower blocks to higher blocks or vice versa. If you're working with a fellow Geneticist, decide together and start working at opposite ends to maximize efficieny. Don't to focus too hard on following an extremely orderly pattern, if another untested block raises to a high level, test it out. Remember to share data with your fellow Geneticist! When working with a partner, communication is key to efficient work.
   Change your radiation emitter settings to a little more potent so changes will actually happen. Changing the Output Level up to 8 and Pulse Duration to 6 works fine.
   Click on the species-block's first (leftmost) character to administer radiation to it and hope it changes for the better! Repeat this step until the first value on the block is lower than 8. Keep the block below 800 for human, and above 800 for monkey.
   When you got it, open the DNA Scanner to check if your monkey has turned into a human, if it has, congratulations, you've got your very own monkey-person! If no, check your list which block was the species-block and make sure it's under 8xx and try again. NOTE: THE CODE RIGHT NOW IS COUNTING THE DNA SCANNERS AS LOCKERS, MAKING SUBJECTS SLOWLY SUFFOCATE IN THEM. MAKE YOUR SUBJECTS WEAR A HUGE O2 TANK ON THEIR BACK + BREATH MASK AND TURN ON INTERNALS SO THEY WON'T SUFFOCATE AFTER A FEW MINUTES.
   Put your test subject back into the DNA Scanner. Time to clean their gene pool.
   Check that all of the blocks are less than 800. By making this they should have no disabilities nor superpowers, making them perfectly normal. This is called a clean gene-pool or more commonly a "Clean SE". Note: Another way of obtaining a Clean SE is by getting a human volunteer to give theirs.
   After they're clean, let's make an injector of these SE-settings. On the computer, go to the Buffer Menu tab, press the Save to Buffer button, then press the Injector button next to the SE value. It's also recommended to rename the label by clicking Rename. This injector now serves you as a "savepoint" which you can come back after an experimentation, making the research faster. 

Time to go back to the drawing board for a second! How Mutations Work

   Disabilities manifest if the block is over 800. 
   Power manifesting is a little more complicated. It has an extra randomness added to the random! For example, during one shift the Hulk may manifest with as low as C80, but on another shift it may appear only at as high as ED8! But going higher than ED8 is not necessary ever (unless the code has been changed). So here are the powers:
       Telekinesis: Block is spanning from C80 to ED8.
       Hulk: Block is spanning from C80 to ED8.
       Cold Resistance: Block is spanning from ABD to D16.
       X-Ray Vision: Block is spanning from ABD to D16. 

So what we can see from this is that TK and Hulk are a bit harder to get than CR and X-Ray. Interdasting! Manifesting Mutations

Back to business! Now we'll try to make a mutation show itself to us:

   Raise a new block to over 800, preferably over DAC (>ED8 is even better, if you can) and hope something manifests.
   Make sure it is the ONLY block with over 800, otherwise you might get it mixed up with some other block's symptoms.
   Try to figure out the block's function:
       First switch your target from torso to eyes and turn on the penlight stored in your suit storage. The penlight is going to be very useful for your work to find blindness / X-Ray.
       To test someone's eyes, use the penlight on the subject's eyes. If you get a "[subject]'s pupils narrow!", this means their vision is perfect. An "eerie glow" means X-Ray Vision, and "has no reaction" means the subject is blind! Fix that ASAP!
       If their vision is perfect, here's a few strategies to figure out what the block does:
           Look at them if you can see anything glowing around their body or head (can be easily spotted without closer examination).
           You can wait for them to curse or have a seizure.
           NOTE: If nothing seems happens at all (even when self-testing), the block might very likely be a power. POWERS DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON IF OVER THE NEEDED VALUE. THEY HAVE A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE (~50%) OF MANIFESTATION EVEN IF THE CONDITIONS ARE PERFECT. So if you have a block which does absolutely nothing, keep on trying!
           Ask if a volunteering Assistant can donate their body to science and give verbal feedback on what they feel when you tamper with their blocks or inject them with the SE.
           Or simply self-test like a boss! Note: These options are not the only ones, there are more strategies you can find out. 
       Write down what you find and move on to the next block! 

Against the Radiation

All that radiation pulsing is not healthy.

   At some point it may be a good idea to visit the Chemistry and order some Hyronalin for your genetic testing. I usually order 2 pillboxes full of Hyronalin pills with ten units per pill. These are extremely useful as they lower radiation levels almost instantaneously. 
   It's not recommended to use Anti-Toxin, it cures the toxins damage caused by radiation but does little to the rads themselves. 
   Rejuvinative Chemicals can be injected through the DNA Scanner Access Console. They slowly lower radiation (also seem to make the patient's genome more resistant to change). 
   This will help you keep your patients alive and allow you to use SE Syringes more often without the risk of getting radiation poisoning and falling over due to weakness. Just eat a pill after every second or third syringe, or give it to your patients when their radiation levels are high (above 20%, due to how long it takes to just wait for it to go down) like when you have just applied a saved buffer to occupant. Use the two syringe rule when injecting other players, always have them eat a pill after every second syringe. 

Congratulations. If you read everything is this guide, you should now be a full-fledged Geneticist! Welcome to the club, friend, hope you enjoy it! Pass on the knowledge to those in need.