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Department Command

The most important people on the ship, normally.

All of those who have a seat at the Bridge are on this page.

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
Take charge of the ship. Ensure departments are running smoothly and make critical decisions. Very Hard None! The Agreement
First OfficerFancy.png
First Officer
Assist the captain, primarily by dealing with the rest of command staff. Take care of all the things the captain doesn't have time to do. Medium to Hard 1200 The Agreement, Paperwork
Ih commander.png
Aegis Commander
Ensure the ship and its crew are safe from threats by commanding the onboard mercenary force. Very Hard 1200 The Agreement, Enforcement Guide, Laws
Lazarus Chief Science Officer
Direct and manage your team of scientists onboard the Northern Light. Expand human knowledge. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to the Research Labs, Robotics Guide
Lazarus Chief Medical Officer
Desperately try to prevent medbay from descending into chaos. Direct the medical staff onboard. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to Medicine, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Surgery
Guild MerchantFancy.png
Free Trade Union Merchant
Make money, supply the crew, make more money. Manage the rest of the Guild, and advise the captain on pursuit of profitable ventures. Make money. Medium None! The Agreement, Guide to Profiting
Chief Engineer
Keep the ship running and habitable. Protect and manage the rest of the Engineers onboard. Hard 1200 The Agreement, Guide to the Engine, Guide to Engineering
NeoTheology PreacherFancy.png
Spread the good word of Mekhane. Clone believers and those without Cruciforms. Perform litanies. Hard 900 The Agreement, Guide to Mekhanism, Rituals