Children of Mekhane Eclipse

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NeoTheology.png Children of Mekhane

Mysterious investors, promoting their own religion - and with it, their own influence on the ship, waiting and watching the expedition in dead space. They heavily advocate for the ideals of transhumanism with the installation of a protective implant - a cruciform, with many additional features, such as life extension, or even rebirth after death. But who will believe them?

Job Role Difficulty Wage Guides
NeoTheology PreacherFancy.png
Spread the good word of Mekhane. Clone believers with cruciforms. Perform litanies. Hard 900 The Agreement, Guide to Mekhanism, Rituals
Spread the good word of Mekhane. Perform the Bioreactor and Biogenerator rituals. Perform litanies. Medium 750 Guide to Mekhanism, Rituals
Spread the good word of Mekhane. Provide biomass for the chapel and bioreactor by gardening. Low 600 Guide to Mekhanism, Guide to Botany
Spread the good word of Mekhane. Keep the ship and chapel clean of rubbish and gather organic matter for the bioreactor. Medium 450 Guide to Mekhanism