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Who are They?

AEGIS Security Solutions. A subsidiary of NanoTrasen, Specialising in enforcement and policing duties. In this case aboard the NEV Northern Light. Founded 50 odd years ago by NanoTrasen to help police their colonies and civilian stations they also offer services to anyone who can afford them, often being subcontracted by many other companies to supplement their income.

What do They Want?

Maintain order and safety of the ship, its crew, and resources. This means upholding the agreement, mediating disputes, investigating security breaches, and securing the ship against hostile and subversive elements, within and without.

How Does One Join?

Crew members in good security standing can apply to Aegis to supplement the original garrison and reinforce ranks. Candidates may apply to the Aegis Gunnery Sergeant or Commander and, pending background check and security screening, will receive basic training once completed; Operative status, patrol, and reinforcement tasks. Advancement to higher Aegis ranks are reserved for thoroughly vetted and trusted professionals who have put in some time as an operative and proven themselves to be exceptional.

Why are They on The Northern Light?

AEGIS is contracted to uphold the Agreement, maintain peace and order, and limit the impact of subversive agents aboard the ship. They ensure the security of the shareholders investment in the NEV Northern light and, by extension, the safety of the crew.

How Does Aegis View the Other Corporations?

The Lazarus Foundation - While officially the two companies have no ill-will towards each other, Aegis personnel and Lazarus personnel at the lowest level are known to often be at odds with each other. Whether this type of behavior is shared privately between the heads of the companies is unknown. The medical wing of Lazarus enjoys much warmer relations with the officers of Aegis. Likely as a result of the time shared between the two after aegis operations.

NanoTrasen - As a subsidiary of NanoTrasen, leadership of Aegis publicly show warm relations with the company, and while the officers are free to form their own private opinion of the company, they are gently reminded that the company is the one that technically signs their paychecks.

The Free Trade Union - Often butting heads, The FTU and Aegis have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. While it's true they can get along at times, there have been enough incidents involving the FTU's interesting take on law that the bond between the two organizations is strained at best.

Children of Mekhane - While the opinions of the church are left to the individual, there is an air of unease when speaking of the church. No official stance or opinion exists as a result of court intervention.

SolGov - Aegis, at a leadership level, likely sees Solgov in a similar light to how NT sees it. Though the opinions at an officer’s level are their own.